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Ninja Takes A Sly Dig At SypherPK With His Latest YouTube Stream

Ninja’s first YouTube stream was quite a success, but SypherPK probably didn’t enjoy his stream all too much because of the sly digs aimed at him by Ninja.


Tyler "Ninja" Blevins returned to the streaming world on Wednesday and proved that he can still pull a massive crowd after he went live on YouTube and started a Fortnite stream alongside Dr Lupo, Courage, and TimTheTatman. Blevins had been able to garner close to 24 million subscribers on his YouTube channel shortly into the stream, promising fans more such content on the video-sharing platform.

His Fortnite gameplay on YouTube was clearly a huge success and has since racked up more than 3 million views and attracted more than over 167K concurrent viewers. He is still among the biggest streamers in the gaming world and the most followed person on the Amazon-owned Twitch even though he left the platform last year in August.

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SypherPK got roasted on Ninja YouTube stream

His stream was definitely a big success and had the fans talking about his return on all social media channels. And while everyone seemed excited, SypherPK didn’t seem quite happy.

While he was still amazed by the number of views the video was able to generate, he actually got roasted by Ninja on his stream. Following the YouTube, Sypher posted a video of his own which he titled “so I got Roasted on Ninja’s first YouTube stream.”

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The video features an audio bit where Ninja can be heard saying that since his stream is generating so many viewers, Sypher must already be working around some ‘clickbaity’ video for his YouTube main and second channel. They also went on to suggest a bunch of random titles for the video including ‘Everything Epic Didn’t tell you about Ninja streaming on Youtube’ and ‘Ninja signs a 20-year YouTube contract.’

Sypher soon released this clip of Ninja and his squad trolling him for posting videos on YouTube with clickbaity titles and responded by saying that once he gets a little success, his friends start to turn on him. He also added that he actually puts his own name as clickbait and uses his own face in his streams.

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Ninja – What’s next for the Fortnite superstar?

While Blevins has promised his fans that he will continue to make videos on YouTube, it doesn’t necessarily indicate that he will permanently shift to the platform. In fact, Esports consultant Rod Breslau recently confirmed that Ninja has already been in negotiations with other streaming services, although an exclusive deal has not been signed.

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