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Spotify Gaming Streaming Service Brime Controversy Involving Dr DisRespect

There have been numerous controversies surrounding Dr DisRespect, Ninja and Shroud all joining a Spotify gaming streaming service called Brime. Here's the truth

Spotify gaming streaming controversy

There have been a lot of speculations online surrounding the suspension of Twitch streamer Dr DisRespect, who was mysteriously banned from the online streaming service last Friday. Dr DisRespect released a statement on Twitter following his ban revealing that he doesn’t have any idea on what had brought about the suspension.

Twitch, on the other hand, did not cite a specific reason behind the ban either, however, there have been claims suggesting that the ban is, in fact, a permanent one and it potentially involves legal trouble as well.

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Brime controversy involving Dr DisRespect, Ninja, and Shroud

The whole matter was elevated by another popular streamer Keemstar, who has posted a theory online alleging that Dr DisRespect, along with Ninja, and Shroud, is launching a Spotify gaming streaming service called Brime. In summary, the theory claims that the trio has agreed to join the Spotify-backed platform after Dr DisRespect approached the two content creators about the service.

Twitch apparently learned about the situation and banned him from the platform before terminating his brand new exclusive two-year deal. The theory further claims that the streaming platform is now set to bring action against him, which is believed to be the reason why neither party is discussing the issue due to NDAs.

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Is Dr DisRespect joining Brime streaming service?

A cryptic statement made during one of Dr DisRespect’s live streams asking players to “Prepare for June 29" adds more fuel to the fire. Monday, June 29, is also the day when the Brime streaming service was scheduled to start answering questions about its operations.

In addition, the official Twitter handle of Spotify gaming streaming service currently follows only a handful of users and surprisingly, three of those users are Dr DisRespect, Ninja, and Shroud, which has also been cited as the major evidence behind their association. For the unversed, all three of them have been free agents as of last week following their departure from Mixer.

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Nonetheless, it should also be noted that the Twitter handle also follows the likes of Ewok, who just left Mixer, and even DrLupo, who recently got a deal extension with Twitch. It can be said that the rumour does not have a basis as Dr DisRespect has recently signed a new multi-year exclusivity contract with Twitch which is worth millions. Furthermore, Ninja and Shroud haven’t announced their plans for the future, and one can certainly believe that they aren't in a rush to associate with a fledgeling online streaming platform, which had a lot more clout than Brime before it finally went down.

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