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PayMoneyWubby Banned On Twitch For The Third Time; Streamer Calls It A Fair Suspension

Popular Twitch streamer PayMoneyWubby has been banned by the streaming service 13 months after his last suspension. Continue scrolling for all details.


PaymoneyWubby is one of the highly recognized Twitch streamers who is best known for creating comedic content on the platform. However, the popular streamer has had a rough time on the streaming platform. He was recently banned by Twitch's moderation team for the third time.

PaymoneyWubby banned on Twitch again

PaymoneyWubby was recently suspended on Twitch for the third time, which initially left him confused. The exact reason for PaymoneyWubby's Twitch account suspension wasn't revealed at first; however, a number of fans suggested that it may have something to do with the use of explicit content.

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The ban was imposed two days after he streamed his last video on the platform. However, the streamer was quick to own up to his mistakes after the streaming service sent him a notification mail citing 'Accidental nudity or Explicit Sex Conduct' as the primary reason behind the suspension.

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PaymoneyWubby previous suspensions on Twitch

The popular streamer received his first suspension back in February 2020 when a 5-second video clip was shared via donation by one of the viewers where people donated links that featured on the stream. The short video clip saw a man stepping out of the shower naked, referencing a popular scene from 1991 film “The Silence of the Lambs”. The video was flagged for nudity, resulting in a ban.

In November, PaymoneyWubby was handed a 14-day suspension by the platform for invading other's privacy. For those unaware, the notorious streamer was banned by the streaming platform while he was still in the middle of a live stream. The ban was imposed while Wubby was holding an IRL stream at a restaurant, however, the live broadcast was stopped by the moderation team for an invasion of privacy. Soon after the suspension, Wubby took to social media to state that they had full permission from the restaurant manager before holding the live stream. While the exact reason for the suspension wasn't revealed at the time, many assumed that the suspension could be a result of viewers mass reporting him to the platform.

PaymoneyWubby's real name is Dennis Richardson. Apart from streaming content on Twitch, Wubby is also known for creating content on YouTube. 

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