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'Persona 5 Strikers' Guide: Choose The Best Persona According To Your Gameplay

Persona 5 Strikers players have been asking about the best personas in the game. So we have gathered all the information we have about personas. Read more

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Persona 5 Strikers has now been released and the players seem to love it. The game had a number of initial release dates before it was finally released on February 20, around the world. Since then the players have been asking a number of questions related to the game. To help the players, we have picked some of the most asked questions and answered them here.  

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Persona 5 Strikers: Best Persona 

The players have recently been asking a lot of questions related to this action role-playing game that has been developed by Omega Force and P-Studio. The players have been trying to find the answers to doubts like Persona 5 Strikers best persona and which is the best persona to have in the game. This is because the makers have introduced a number of interesting characters and bosses in their game. Apart from this, we have managed to gather a lot more information about the upcoming game Persona 5 Strikers. So without any delay, let’s take a deep dive into more information about Persona 5 Strikers best persona. 


  • Very powerful Persona,
  • Has the most powerful Physical technique including Brave Blade
  • Has the ability to block Elec and Bless damage and resist Physical and Fire damage.
  • Will require Siegfried to be fused


  • Most powerful Gun-centered Persona
  • Has the ability to learn Riot Gun, the strongest Gun skill 
  • This can also remove the need to learn Joker's Master Arts. 


  • Mara needs to be beaten as a mini-boss first
  • Yoshitsune and Aliceneed to be fused 
  • Gives the players powerful defensive, physical, and fire abilities 
  • Important for later fusions in the game

Black Frost

  • Need to defeat mini-boss as well as King Frost to get the persona
  • Has got the most powerful Ice abilities
  • Also helps the player by increasing the odds of inflicting status ailments
  • Has the ability to steal SP from enemies 
  • Can be found at Wonderland after defeating Alice


  • Happens to be the strongest Electric Persona
  • Deals huge damage with Elec attacks
  • Helps to create bonds with other characters


  • Happens to be the strongest Wind Persona
  • A very powerful healer that can even revive teammates with full HP


  • Has a range of powerful, wide-range physical attacks
  • Happens to be the strongest Psychic Persona. 
  • Needs Cerberus to fuse


  • Happens to be the strongest Nuclear Persona 
  • Has the ability to deal with a massive amount of damage
  • Has the ability to increase Nuke damage and wield Cosmic Flare
  • Has the strongest Nuke skill


  • Needs a post-game mini-boss to unlock
  • Has a powerful damage
  • Can also bring Salvation, that can heal and cure the whole team


  • Can give their opponents instant death
  • Has the highest insta-kill skill 
  • Has the ability to cut down most foes instantly

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