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Pokemon Go Charizard: How To Catch Charizard? A Step By Step Guide

Pokemon Go Charizard: How to catch Charizard? Learn step by step instructions on what is Charizard, how to catch Charizard in Pokemon Go and more

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Pokemon Go Charizard

So you have been playing Pokemon Go for a long time. Right? You want to catch a rare Pokemon like Charizard. You are in luck! In this post, we are going to look at what is Charizard, how to catch Charizard, Charizard best movesets and more. It is an absolute detailed guide on this task in Pokemon Go, so read it carefully!

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When it comes to the rare Pokemon, there are actually two types available. They are rare and legendary. Among those two types, the legendary is the rarest creature in the Pokemon universe. In fact, there are certain legendary Pokemon that were deliberately hidden to be released in huge in-game events. And when it comes to Charizard, it falls under the legendary category.

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Charizard is a fire and flying type Pokemon. It is vulnerable to rock-type attacks. Charizard is first released in the Gen1 type Pokemon. Unfortunately, Charizard failed to make a major impact on the competitive scene. After some time, it was discontinued from making an appearance in the entire competitive scene. In the coming section, we are going to have a closer look at how to catch Charizard in Pokemon Go. In our experience, it is pretty simple to accomplish. So, read the following section carefully. After completing it, you’ll be able to finish this task with ease.

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How to catch Charizard in Pokemon Go?

The easiest way to catch Charizard is unfortunately unavailable in the game. In fact, there isn’t a fixed pattern to catch Charizard. You need to be at a higher level in the game to catch it. Some players reported that if you want to catch a Charizard, then you need to be at a higher level, specifically above 11. While others said in the Pokemon community that they have reached level 15 and after that only, they were able to catch their first Charizard. So, it all comes down to how well you play the game and which level you are in that determines whether you have any chance to catch Charizard.

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Here’s a critical thing you need to know. Always save as many Pokeballs as you can before going to catch Charizard. Generally, you can find Charizard in wild and that is the only place you’ll find it anyway. To catch a Charizard, all you need to do is to feed it enough raspberries before throwing some Pokeballs. When you throw a Pokeball, make sure that it hits the center circle and stays there for some time. And also make sure that it is a perfect Pokeball hit to Charizard as well. If you are able to do both of them successfully, then the Charizard beauty is yours to have in your collection!

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