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Pokemon Go Mega Energy: Know How To Get Mega Energy In The Game

Mega Evolutions are something that transforms some of the Pokemons into stronger forms in Pokemon Go. For these evolutions, mega energy is required. Read on.

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One of the latest consumables that was introduced to Pokemon Go was Mega Energy. Players need to collect large amounts of this energy for Mega Evolutions. Rare candies were a thing since the GBC versions of Pokemon RPG games came out years ago. Mega Energy also works in a similar manner to these candies but the methods for obtaining it is very different as it can't be used on each and every Pokemon out there.

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How to Get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go

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In Pokemon Go, obtaining mega energy is simple as the player only needs to work together with other players. Plus this Mega Energy is different for each Pokemon. So the same type of Mega Energy can't be used on all of the Pokemons. On top of that, at least 200 Mega Energy is needed for the Mega Evolution of each Pokemon.

The first step is to defeat the Pokemon in a raid, whose Mega Energy the player wants to obtain. As of now only Venosaur, Charizard, and Blastoise raids can be found at the gyms around the globe. Recently, the Pokemon Go Remote Raid Pass was also introduced to the players which means that being in that physical location isn't a must now.

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As for the difficulty of these Mega Raids, these can be put in the same difficulty levels as any tier 5 raid. So having friends to help out is one of the best options. It will totally depend on the individual levels of the trainers in the raid squad and around 5 to 8 players will be enough for a successful raid.

For those players who do not know any players in real life, they can easily join groups online and schedule remote raids. However, it is always advisable to be careful about who the player is inviting to his party or if joining someone else's raid squad. Every time a Mega Raid boss is taken down, it rewards the players with Mega Energy anywhere between 35-55 which will also depend on the time it took for defeating the boss.

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