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Pokemon GO Mewtwo: Best Moveset, Weaknesses And Top Counters

Mewtwo is one of the Legendary Pokemon creatures in Pokemon GO that comes from the first generation. Scroll on to check out Mewtwo's best moveset and counters.

Pokemon GO Mewtwo

Pokemon GO Mewtwo is a legendary Psychic-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO and is known as a high tier generalist. It comes from the Kanto region and possesses a top Combat Power of 4178 in the game. It is one of the most recognised Pokemon creatures that comes with a destructive moveset.

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Mewtwo best moveset in Pokemon GO

Mewtwo is one of the most destructive Psychic-type attackers that you can find in Pokemon GO. Psychic and Confusion are two of the best moves of this Pokemon creature offering a solid 20.76 damage per second. It also has plenty of powerful mains which include a Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Thunder Bolt, Focus Blast, Hyper Beam, Shadow Ball, and Psystrike.

Mewtwo weakness

Mewtwo is weak against 3 move types which include Ghost, Dark, and Bug. So, if you are interested in catching a Mewtwo in Pokemon GO, you should be using these move types to weaken it.

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Mewtwo counters - Best counters

Here are some of the best Pokemon counters that players should use to counter Mewtwo:

  • Darkrai - Snarl and Shadow Ball combination
  • Darkrai - Snarl and Dark Pulse
  • Darkrai - Snarl and Dark Pulse combination
  • Gengar - Hex and Shadow Ball combination
  • Gengar - Sucker Punch and Shadow Ball combination
  • Zoroark - Snarl and Foul Play combination
  • Chandelure - Hex and Shadow Ball combination
  • Weavile - Snarl and Foul Play combination

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Mewtwo counters - Other counters

The above counters certainly work best against Mewtwo; however, you may not always have access to the above Pokemons. If that's the case, you can also try out a bunch of other creatures who can help you counter the Psychic-type Pokemon. Here is a list of some alternative counters that will work against Mewtwo, although they won't be as effective as the ones listed above:

  • Giratina - Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball combination
  • Haunter - Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball combination
  • Volcarona - Bug Bite and Bug Buzz combination
  • Weavile - Feint Attack and Foul Play combination
  • Chandelure - Fire Spin and Shadow Ball combination
  • Absol - Snarl and Dark Pulse combination

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