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Pokemon Go Quabbel: Find Out Everything About This Dangerous Water Type Pokemon

Pokemon Go Quabbel is a jellyfish-like Pokémon that is completely blue in the male form and completely pink in the female form. Read on to know more.

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Pokémon Go is a 2016 augmented reality mobile game developed and published by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company for the mobile gaming platforms of iOS and Android operating systems. A lot of Pokemons are added in the Pokedex of Pokemon Go and one of the most dangerous water type Pokemon is known as Quabbel. Here in this article, you will know all about its strength and weakness and more.

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Pokemon Go Quabbel

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Frillish or Quabbel is a jellyfish-like Pokémon which can be seen in complete blue for the male form and complete pink for the female form. The name Quabbel is in German while in English this Pokemon is known as Frillish. The collar of this Pokemon separates the head from the rest of the body.

Quabbel is considered as one of the most dangerous Pokémon of the seas. Although it is known for its rather sluggish movements, it has many strong special attack powers and an even better defence against special attacks.

Attacks such as Lake or Fontränen are some of its strongest ones. Even with ghost attacks, it is able to deal a good deal of damage to its opponents. Another attack of Quabbel is confuse and it uses this to incapacitate its opponents. For protecting itself from enemy attacks, Quabbel can use a protective shield or double team. It can also use recover when it has taken a lot of damage. Curse of Touch is yet another ability which gets activated when any other Pokémon touch Quabbel's tentacles. This Ability means that the opposing Pokémon can no longer use its attack. 

Pokemon Go Update Steps for iOS and Android

  • iOS
    • Open the App Store app.
    • Tap Today.
    • Tap the Profile button at the top of the screen.
    • Navigate to the Pokémon GO app and tap the Update button.
  • Android
    • Open the Google Play Store app.
    • On the top left, tap the menu button.
    • Tap the My apps & games menu option.
    • Navigate to the Pokémon GO app and tap the Update button.

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