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Pokemon Go Whismur: How To Catch Whismur In Pokemon Go? A Complete Guide

Pokemon Go Whismur. Learn how to catch Whismur in Pokemon Go, the steps involved in doing it successfully, the evolution of Whismur and more

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Haridas S
Pokemon Go Whismur

Pokemon Go is a wonderful and interesting game to play. And lately, a new Pokemon spawn is getting a lot of attention. In this post, We are going to look at Pokemon Go Whismur, its evolution, and how to catch Whismur in Pokemon Go and more. The Whismur is an easy Pokemon to catch. In fact, the chances of you catching a Whismur is very, very high. Players often don’t give many thoughts about catching this Pokemon during the time they play this game.

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The reason for ignoring it is that it isn’t particularly a useful Pokemon, and it doesn’t stand out so much for its type naturally. The only thing that is attractive about it is its plus sign eyes. When you look at it for the first time, you’ll have questions like is Whismur sleeping? Or is it shy? But the anime suggests that the answer to those questions is probably neither. Yet the interesting thing to note here is that the Whismur is from the Hoenn region, meaning that it is all of a sudden in demand. The reason for the surge of Whismur’s demand can be attributed to the new thousand-year slumber research task. In the coming section, we’ll look at how to catch Whismur in Pokemon Go and the steps involved in doing it successfully.

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How to catch Whismur in Pokemon Go?

You have to catch Whismur because in the second part of the thousand years slumber research task, it asks you to catch 3 Whismurs. Also, if you want to add Jirachi to your collection, then you need to complete this task. Having said that, finding Whismur is really simple.

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You’ll be able to find it just about anywhere you’d normally find spawns, and you don’t have to hunt or track down a particular location/climate. Check around gyms, public gathering spots, and poke stops, and you’ll have a really good chance of finding one within a short period of time. Although Whismur doesn’t limit itself to live in a particular climate, the best time to catch this Pokemon type is when the game tells you that it is partly cloudy weather. You can also use Incense and Lures to catch Whismur because it is a type of pokemon that responds to the siren call, smell of Incense, and er. So sometimes, you don’t even have to leave your place to catch one. Lures will also improve your chances, but don’t use the fancy ones. This is because Whismur isn’t attracted to such Lures.

The third section of the research task asks you to take a snapshot of a Loudred. For this, you will need to evolve a Whismur. You can use the Pinap Berries to get more candies while you are tracking down a Whismur for Whismur evolution.

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Whismur update

We have given you a clear overview of how to catch Whismur in Pokemon Go. It is a new addition in the game, and the plus sign eye is pretty attractive. As a player of this game, this task will keep you engaged in it for sure. Also, we are pretty sure that there is going to be a lot more interesting updates coming soon in the future.

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