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Pokimane Announces Her Return To Twitch After Taking A 'burnout' Break; See

Twitch Gamer Pokimane had taken a month-long break from streaming on August 5 and will be returning on the platform on Sept 10. Know more


One of the most popular Twitch gamer’s, Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has finally revealed she is planning to return to Twitch and resume her live streams. A little over a month ago, the Twitch gamer had announced that she would be taking an extended break because of “feeling burnt out.” In August 2020 the 24-year-old Pokimane became one of the high profile social media celebrities to announce a break because of being burnt out. Read on to find out, "When will Pokimane return on Twitch?"

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When will Pokimane return on Twitch?

Pokimane took to her Twitter on Thursday, September 10, and posted a Tweet featuring herself as an animated character in a gif. In the captions, the Twitch Gamer revealed that she will be returning on the platform, on Friday, September 11 and will start her live stream at 12 PM PST. However, the 24-year-old Twitch star has not been totally absent from social media during her “burnout break”. Pokimane who boasts a ginormous following of 5.4 million on Twitch had gone life, once in the middle of her break. She had done a six-hour Among Us broadcast. 

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Pokimane’s surprise Twitch stream

In her surprise stream, Pokimane’s fans asked her if she was feeling ready to come back to streaming. To this, the internet celebrity replied saying, “I don’t want to talk about it too much, but it feels like a 'life overload' and it’s been thumbs up so far.” She further mentioned that she felt as though she had started feeling excited about streaming on Twitch again. She stated that as days were passing, she was feeling more relaxed and her excitement was building.

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Why did Pokimane take a break from Twitch?

The Moroccan-Canadian Twitch Gamer had temporarily pulled the plug on August 5. She informed her fans through her social media platform’s that she was planning to take a month off from streaming. In her Instagram post from August 6, Pokimane admitted that she realised that she was lucky to be able to work during a pandemic but she had decided to do what is the best for her mental health. She went on to add that she had not taken a month off since she graduated from high school over six years ago. Hence, the break felt long overdue.


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Which other internet celebrity took “burnout break” recently?

While Pokimane fans are extremely excited for her return, she isn’t the only internet personality to take a break recently. Aside from Pokimane, the YouTube star JackSepticEye also took a break from content creation. The Irish YouTuber took almost a month-long break in July and returned to YouTube on August 10. 

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