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PS4 Error Code WS-37505-0: What Does The Error Code Mean And Can You Fix It?

PS4 users have been encountering an unknown error code WS-37505-0 after updating the latest firmware that arrived recently. Find out what the error code means.

PS4 error code

Sony has officially released a new firmware update for the PlayStation 4 which introduces several changes and improvements to the gaming console. The new PS4 update 8.00 is now available for download globally and it packs tons of interesting features which include changes to the Messages and Party features, Parental Controls, and more. However, the new update has been plagued with a few issues and bugs. 

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PS4 error code WS-37505-0

A number of PS4 owners have been taking to social media websites to report issues with the new update. According to user reports, a few users have encountered a 'Cannot load PS error' while others experienced issues with the friends' list. A majority of PS4 owners also complained of running into an ambiguous PS4 error code WS-37505-0 after installing the latest firmware.

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What is WS-37505-0 error on PS4?

The error code WS-37505-0 represents an issue with the network connection. So, if you have encountered this PS4 error code on your console, it simply indicates that the connection between the server and your gaming console has failed.

The official support page of PlayStation suggests users to ensure that they are able to connect to the PSN. It also explains that the PSN or the game server could be affected and temporarily unavailable which could be the reason you are seeing the error. In this case, PS4 owners can check the game status on the game publisher's website.

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However, it is likely that the PS4 error code WS-37505-0 is just a bug, which might be resolved with an update. Your only option is to sit back and wait until a fix is deployed by Sony. Therefore, if you haven't updated your console yet, it is suggested that you wait for a fix from Sony's end to avoid the PS4 update issues.

PlayStation 4 owners should note that this will be the last major firmware update from Sony since the company is set to release its next-gen PS5 console in November, this year. So, it is likely that PS4 won't receive any more major updates going forward.

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