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PUBG Mobile Lite Lucky Spin Hack To Win Legendary Skins And Rewards

As part of the new content and Women’s Day celebrations, the company had brought a new lucky spin event to win rewards. Get the PUBG Mobile Lite Lucky Spin hack

PUBG Mobile Lite lucky spin

PUBG Mobile Lite has been pretty active with introducing new events to the game while being up to date with porting new content from its full version. The game had introduced a special event as part of International Women’s Day celebrations last month where users could take part in the Women’s Day exclusive event along with another special event called the ‘Lucky Spin’. The event is currently live on PUBG Mobile Lite.

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The Women’s event allows players to participate in the event and earn exciting in-game bouquets and exchange them for certain rewards. As for the Lucky Spin event, it lets users take part in a lucky treasure event where they have to spin the wheel to be able to win some special rewards in the game.

Players are required to spend 10 Battle Coins (BC) for the first draw of the day, following which they can spin the wheel multiple times to get a reward. However, a number of users have reported that they weren’t able to get any special rewards despite multiple spins.

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PUBG Mobile Lite Lucky Spin hack

There is a PUBG Mobile Lite Lucky Spin hack which allows players to unlock permanent legendary outfits in the game along with other exciting items without having to spend hundreds of BCs. Here’s all you need to do:

Step 1: Close PUBG Mobile Lite on your phone.

Step 2: Install a VPN app on your device and enable it.

Step 3: Change the server to Phillippines and connect.

Step 4: Now, launch the PUBG Mobile Lite on your device and spin the wheel.

Once you have changed the server, you should be able to get a legendary outfit. The trick has worked for many users with certain users also claiming that they were also able to unlock an AWM and M416 brilliance skin using the trick.

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