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Rainbow Six Siege April Fools 2020: How To Complete The Challenge And What Is The Reward?

There's a new Ubisoft Club Challenge for April fools. If you are wondering how to beat the Rainbow Six Siege April Fools challenge, this guide is just for you.

Rainbow Six Siege April Fools

Ubisoft always manages to surprise its fans by pulling off some April Fools' prank every year. Just like 2019, the developers have introduced Rainbow Six Siege players to a new April Fools challenge. However, a number of players are finding it difficult to figure out a way to obtain the Giggle Fin charm.

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Rainbow Six Siege April Fools event

Rainbow Six Siege has been known to bring a number of special events during April Fools, but this year’s event is a bit more tricky and devious than earlier ones. When the event was first announced by the developers a few days ago, there was no mention of how to beat the challenge. It is on the players to figure out how exactly to get it. One Steam user shared that players need to get a score of 4-1 which is 4/1, or April 1 to earn the reward; however, that didn’t seem to work.

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How to beat Rainbow Six Siege April Fool’s Challenge?

The discussion appeared to be much more lively on Reddit where there have been a number of reports from users claiming that they were able to obtain the charm, although users haven’t been able to pin down the steps or process involved to get them. Take a look at a few instances where users reported a drop:

  • Playing Oregon while not doing anything in particular
  • Playing in a squad of 3
  • Destroying five enemy gadgets with the help of Sofia’s launcher
  • Flawless Win and MVP in one game

From what one may understand, it appears that it's best to play the game in a group of three people or more and try to get a win a game to earn the reward. There doesn't seem to be any additional requirements. So for those of you who are looking to win the Rainbow Six Siege April Fools Challenge, that is something you can try.

What is the reward for completing the challenge?

When players complete the Rainbow Six Siege April Fools Challenge, they will be rewarded with a Giggle Fin charm. This is a cosmetic item that can be used on your weapon.

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