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Scorpion Gaming Chair Price, Specifications And Other Details

Scorpion gaming chair by Cluvens weighs about 120Kgs. Its height is 1.5 meters long and 2 meters tall for an immersive gaming experience. Read on.

scorpion gaming chair

Cluvens Scorpion Gaming chair is widely known for its ability to transform. It takes the shape of a "Scorpion King" which is really very comfortable and can recline up to a degree of 170. The chair has many features, including support for an ultra-wide monitor. Read on to know more details:

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Scorpion Gaming Chair: Price, Specifications and all details

The complete name of this chair is Cluvens IW-SK zero-gravity ESPORTS gaming chair. It can provide support to a large ultra-wide 49-inch monitor as mentioned above. Additionally, two more 27-inch monitors can be used. It comes with HDMI/DP cables to connect all these monitors. The weight is 265 pounds, the length is 65 inches, and when fully extended it gets to 82 inches tall. So one will need a large space to put it comfortably.

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Scorpion Gaming Chair Price

The scorpion desk/chair setup for $1,900 (about £1,485, AU$2,608). The Cluvens scorpion gaming chair and entire workstation weigh 120Kgs. It is 1.5 meters long and 2 meters tall in height. Cluvens says on its website, “This villainous Scorpion can transform!”.


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This scorpion-like gaming chair has a similar design to Acer's Predator Thronos Air gaming chair which came out last year and also the MWE Labs Emperor chair which initially released in 2012.

Scorpion Gaming Chair Cockpit Features

Power Voltage: 100V/240V

Output: 100--300 Watts

Dimensions (extend): Length: 65"(165 cm) x Width: 47.25"(108 cm) x Height: 82"(208 cm)

Dimensions (extracted): Length: 65"(165 cm) x Width: 30"(77 cm) x Height:53"(135 cm)

Frame Material: High-carbon steel with black sand texture powder coated paint, Support for 21-29" triple screen monitors with VESA international standards.

Seat Material: PU Support for 19-49 inch single screen monitor or curved screen

Weight Limit: 276 lbs max.(124 kg)

Net Weight: 265 lbs(120kg)

Power system: 6 high thrust linear electric cylinders

Lighting system: 100w 16 colour LED strips

Cluvens Scorpion Chair: Scorpion Seat Features

  • Adjustable sitting and lying posture
  • Ultra-high comfort computer operation
  • Full electric adjustment of the screen arm
  • Fully electronically adjustable seat
  • Fully electronically adjustable Scorpion legs

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