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Spider Man Miles Morales All Bosses; Learn About The New Supervillains

Spider Man Miles Morales has a range of enemies that will keep the player busy all day. Learn more about Spider Man Miles Morales All Villains here.

spider man miles morales

Insomniac’s latest installment to the Spiderman franchise, Spider man Miles Morales has just hit the stores. Fans and players have been hyped for the game since its announcement in the PS5 game showcase held by Sony. Spider man Miles Morales takes inspiration from the comic book stories of the characters. All the villains in the game have also faced Miles in the comic books. These bosses have been designed to give the player a feel of being in a superhero’s shoes and fighting with a supervillain. Many players are asking about Spider man Miles Morales all Bosses.

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Spider man Miles Morales All Bosses

Spider man Miles Morales All Villains have been created to give the player the full package. Just being a superhero is never enough, a superhero also has to save the day and with these bosses, the players can accomplish that. There is a huge variety of bosses and villains that players can fight against, all with unique stats and characteristics. Here are Spider man Miles Morales all villains:

  • Simon Krieger CEO Of Roxxon
  • Rhino
  • The Tinkerer
  • The Prowler
  • Kingpin
  • Venom

More about Spiderman Miles Morales

This game is the latest installment to Insomniac’s massively successful franchise. Spiderman 1 was a PS4 exclusive and Miles Morales is a PS4 and PS5 exclusive. The game isn’t the direct sequel to Spiderman 1, it is a take on the journey of Miles Morales as Spiderman. At the start of the game, Peter is seen teaching the ropes of the superhero life to Miles. During this training session, they come across the iconic supervillain Rhino. Peter is absolutely bashed up by Rhino during this encounter, which creates a rage within Miles. This rage activates his true power within him, and Miles absolutely batters Rhino back to his cage.

Soon after this, Peter leaves New York in the hands of Miles Morales and calls him the one and only Spiderman of the city. Miles takes up the responsibility of taking care of the city in Peter’s absence and embarks on his own superhero journey. Peter hasn’t completely left the game though, the story still has plenty of short glimpses of the Peter Parker Spiderman.

How long is Spiderman Miles Morales?

Spiderman Miles Morales is not one of the biggest games out there at all. It is actually one of the shortest games with the gameplay time totaling up to 8-10 hours. The previous Spiderman Game was a lot bigger than the latest one.  

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