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Tachanka Rework Release Date: Know If It Will Be Launched For PS4 And Xbox

Tachanka Rework has now been released and the players are certainly extremely excited for it. We have collected all the information about this new update. Read

tachanka rework

Rainbow Six Siege makers have managed to create much anticipation around the game by confirming that they will be releasing a first glimpse of the Tachanka rework. This is one of the most talked-about topics amongst the gaming community as it has been brought in months after being announced at the Six Invitational Finals in February 2020. Thus to help you gamers out, we have collected all questions asked by the players and answered them.

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Tachanka Rework release date

The players wan to know about the Tachanka rework release and is this update coming to Xbox and PS4. The answer to these questions can be found on the game’s official website. The makers have released an article about their update. But if you still cannot figure it out, we have decided to answer these questions right here. Here is all the information we have on Tachanka rework release date. 

The players have been asking about the Tachanka rework release date since a long time now. The makers have released the rework on October 7, 2020, and had also updated their official website about the same. The game update is available for all the platforms including Xbox and PS4.  

They shared a small video on their twitter and captioned it with, “The most important TS of your life. Tachanka Rework. Testing new gadget/drone ping SFX. Read the Designer's Notes for balancing stuff, OK? 1:30 PM EDT. Down: ~ 30m” a number of players have already been using this new update. They even released a statement about the changes they have made to their popular character on their official website. Here is what the Rainbow Six Siege makers had to say about their Tachanka rework. 

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We announced it at the beginning of the year, and finally, our very first ever Operator rework is here. Russian Defender Tachanka has proven to be a well-liked character in the community, but he came with a set of flaws we wanted to address and repair. That’s why he has traded his beloved turret to create an all-new way of moving. We have given our trusty Operator a fresh spin through a new gadget, a new primary weapon as well as a new ability in a conscious effort to transform a popular personality into a force to be reckoned with. Don’t worry, Tachanka has kept his spirit, he just got brand-new toys to play with!

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