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Twitch Streamer Makes Fun Of A Girl With Cancer, Gets 'cancelled' By Netizens

Twitch streamer and internet personality Playmate Tessi is being slammed by netizens after a video of her making fun of a girl who has cancer goes viral.


Recently a clip of a Twitch streamer has been going viral all over the internet. The streamer, who has been identified as Playmate Tessi, is seen making fun of and berating a cancer patient in the clip. 18-year-old Tessi, who is also a YouTube personality and an OnlyFans creator, is seen mocking a girl who is suffering from Leukemia in one of the video chats and threatens to sue her and take all her treatment funds away. After the clip became viral, her father spotted it and decided to kick her out of his house following her actions. 

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Streamer makes fun of girl with Cancer

In the video clip, The YouTuber and streamer is seen chatting with random strangers on, which is a free online chat website, that allows people of socializing with others without having to register. Tessi threatened the girl to keep her from posting the clip on the internet and claimed that her fans would never know that she had made fun of a cancer patient. However, the clip went viral pretty quickly.

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What happened in Tessi’s Omegle Video?

In the video Tessi insults the anonymous person constantly, calling her ‘fat;’, ‘ugly,’ ‘special needs person,’ and even worse. She sneeringly adds, “My lips cost more than you” and “at least I am not a wh**re”. She then says, “at least I am not fu***ng poor.”

After about three minutes, Tessi admits that she wouldn’t post the video because she would get cancelled. She then realizes that the anonymous girl was wearing a wig and demands the wig is taken off. Even after the girl suggested that she might have cancer, the influencer kept making fun of her, calling her “deformed” and “pathetic”. At the time of writing this story, it has not been confirmed if the girl really did have cancer.

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Playmate Tessi's dad reacts 

As the controversy about the Omegle clip spread, another video surfaced of Playmate Tessi’s father yelling at her over the phone. Playmate Tessi’s father is heard saying in the clip, that he had lost his job because the Omegle clip went viral. He demanded that she pack her bags and leave his house. Tessi then called the cops, lying that her father had a lot of guns and was threatening to do some damage to her if she didn’t leave his house.

In addition to this, after the clip had spread through the internet, Tessi fell asleep during a stream, and her viewers heard her father yelling at her sister in the other room. We can see in the video clip that all of this mounting drama caused the father and daughter to become estranged. Tessi left her fathers house finally and arrived at a hotel. Her father called her again to tell her that he would stop supporting her as she is a narcissistic person. He then posted his response to the entire situation by doing another live stream on Twitch. The video was uploaded on a YouTube channel called 'IRL Moments'.

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Tessi posts an apology on YouTube

After the Omegle clip was leaked on the internet, Tessi received a lot of hate and backlash. She was ‘cancelled’ on YouTube. In response to the backlash, Tessi posted a YouTube video with the title “I’M SORY.” on January 11. According to a report in Dexterto, on January 15, she posted a live stream called “CELEBRATING CANCER”, where she kept adding that she is “proud of cancer” and “is celebrating cancer.”

Here's how netizens reacted to the incident


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