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Valorant Act 3 Release Time: What Time Valorant Update Coming Out?

Valorant Act 3 is the next major competitive season that is set to release worldwide. Read on to learn about the release time and get details about the season.

Valorant Act 3

Valorant Act 3 is shaping up to be one of the biggest competitive seasons in the tactical shooter game. As part of the update, Riot Games is introducing a number of changes to the free-to-play title including a brand new battle pass, a new skin pack, and a new map, among other changes.

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Valorant Act 3 release time

Valorant Act 3 is scheduled to get a global release on Tuesday, October 13.

What time is the Vlorant update?

Officials at Valorant haven't provided an exact time of release; however, it is believed that the update may go live at 6 AM PT. This is because players can queue for their final ranked match until 4:30 AM PT and there will likely be a shorter maintenance period.

The new season will bring a new Icebox map to the game where players can engage in unranked matches at launch, although it won't be available for competitive play right at launch. With the new map, there will also be two bomb sites and some ziplines.

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With Valorant Act 3, fans will also get a new agent called Skye. She will pack a number of skills and abilities which include an AOE heal to heal allies, a Wolf drone to gain vision and damage her opponents, and a Bird ability which she can detonate to take down enemies. She can also release three wolves to chase down her opponents.

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Valorant Act 3 Battlepass

The new Valorant Act 3 Battlepass will be added to the game and it will feature various new content for the fans. There will also be new weekly mission progress which will allow players to unlock more items. Players can also collect more XP to get their hands on all the exclusives available with the new competitive season. Fans can also get the new premium version of the pass to unlock various tiers of items and additional rewards. The Ruin Vandal, Ruin Dagger, and Ruin Shorty are some of the skins that have been confirmed to arrive with the new Valorant Battle Pass. 

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