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Valorant Battle Pass Purchase Failed: What Is Causing The Issue And How To Fix It?

The latest Valorant Act 3 patch is live; however, players are having issues purchasing the new battle pass. Scroll on to learn why you are seeing the error.

Valorant Battle Pass Purchase Failed

The official Valorant patch update 1.10 has been officially released, which introduces fans to the new Valorant Act 3 season. As part of the update, developers have also implemented a number of changes to the free-to-play FPS title which includes competitive matchmaking, a new map, an improved Deathmatch game mode, and a brand new battle pass. The new Valorant Act 3 update also brings a number of important quality of life updates, along with a few bug fixes. However, players in the NA/LATAM/BR regions who have updated the latest patch update are now encountering an error that is not allowing them to complete their Battle Pass purchase.

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Valorant Battle Pass Purchase Failed

Several users have taken to social media to report the bug which is preventing them from purchasing the new Battle Pass and unlock the new skin line. Here are a few Twitter reports from fans:

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Valorant Battle Pass Purchase Failed - How to fix the issue?

The 'Valorant Battle Pass Purchase Failed' bug is from the developer's end which means that your only choice is to sit back and wait until the issue is resolved. The developer team has confirmed that they are aware of the issue and that a fix is being worked on to allow players to complete their Battle Pass purchase.

The developers haven't provided a time frame on when the issue could be resolved, but it's likely that a hotfix will soon be deployed. You can also keep an eye on the official Play Valorant page on Twitter for all the latest updates. In the meantime, players can also check for the latest patch updates on the game client.

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Valorant Battle Pass price

Valorant Act 3 is the third and final Act of the Valorant Episode 1. The new Battle Pass brings an array of new skins, cosmetics and exclusive weapons that players can unlock. Players can get the Valorant Act 3 Battle Pass by spending 1,000 Valorant Points. This means that you will need to spend approximately $10 for your next Battle Pass.

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