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Valorant Error Code 59: What Causes Error And How To Resolve It?

Valorant error code 59 is an ambiguous error code that players may encounter while booting up the tactical shooter game. Read on to learn how you can fix it.


Valorant is one of the most competitive first-person shooter games right now. The tactical shooter from Riot Games has seen plenty of improvements since first coming out in closed beta and it continues to get better with every update. However, just like most other popular games, Valorant is also plagued with numerous bugs and error codes. These error codes also come with an ambiguous message which may not necessarily help you in getting rid of the issue. This can obviously be frustrating especially when you aren't aware of the actual cause. Valorant error code 59 is one such error code that you may encounter will booting up the title. So, let us take a look at what this error code means and how you can easily fix it.

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What causes Valorant error code 59?

The official Valorant support page states that Valorant error code 59 indicates "LegalInfoInitFailure". Riot Games doesn't specify what exactly this means; however, it instructs players to restart the game client if they run into this error code. Restarting the game client is actually a common solution for troubleshooting most of the error codes that you may encounter at boot up or during matches. And while it sounds like a fairly easy solution, not every player would be aware of how this is done. So, let us show you show you can restart the Valorant client.

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How to fix Valorant error code 59?

Restarting the game client simply means that you need to terminate the game and restart it again. It is likely that certain players may think that the game is instructing them to perform some additional functions to reach the game client; however, that is not the case. So, if you ever encounter a Valorant error code 59, the first thing you need to do is terminate the game using the Alt+F4 key combination, and restart the title.

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In most cases, this should fix the issue. If you continue to face the issue, you can also try reinstalling the Riot Vanguard. To do so, you first need to uninstall the Riot Vanguard using the tray icon. Next, you just need to restart your PC and relaunch the Valorant client to automatically reinstall the Riot Vanguard. Lastly, reboot your system and launch the game. 

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