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Valorant Rank Reset: How To Rank Up In New Valorant Ranked System?

Riot Games is set to release a new Valorant ranked system, which will be available starting August 4. Read on to learn about Valorant rank reset and more.

Valorant rank reset

Valorant is one of the most popular tactical first-person shooter games right now. Developed by Riot Games, the FPS title has come a long way since its release with significant gameplay improvements. It is a highly competitive game which also features a rank mode. This allows fans to utilize their gaming skills and climb the ranks. The rank mode also helps players compare their abilities with their peers and others on the free-to-play gaming platform.

For those unaware, the game’s major updates have been classified into Acts, and the first Act is set to finally conclude. The next act called ‘Act Ranks' is scheduled to kick off on Tuesday, August 4. The upcoming Act will introduce a couple of changes to the game’s ranked mode. 

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Valorant rank reset

Developers at Valorant have recently announced that a player’s rank will undergo a soft reset with the upcoming Act. The gaming company will ultimately track a player’s skill throughout the Act and display their overall ranked progress along with the competitive victories at the end of Act 2. This is something that doesn’t apply to the current Act, meaning you won’t get these details for Act 1. 

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How to rank up in Valorant?

Riot Games has revealed that the new rank system will land players a few tiers below compared to where they ended in the first Act. However, there is a new mechanism that will allow players to quickly improve their matchmaking rank early in the game if they play well and secure wins. So, make sure that you put in a good deal of effort early on to rank better as the Act concludes.

Once you start playing the game, you will notice that your Act Rank will display little triangles. These will indicate the ranked match victories based on your previous rank (from Act 1). You should also note that when you manage to secure victories at higher ranks, they will replace your poor performances and display the best of Competitive games.

When the Valorant Act 2 goes live, it will be accessible to all users, however, developers have also planned a premium version. This will also offer players a number of rewards in the game.

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