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Valorant Skin Leaks For Update 1.08: Know All About The New Valorant Ego Collection

The FPS game Valorant is soon to release the update 1.08 which will feature a new set of skins known as the Ego Skin Set. Read on to know more details.

valorant skin leaks

Valorant is known to release a large number of cosmetics which includes skins for weapons and players. Similar to the League of Legends, there is a vast collection of skins for the player base to choose from. New leaks have been released on the game's official account which will be released in update 1.08. Read on to know more about the Valorant skin leaks.

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Valorant Skin Leaks: Update 1.08 New Ego Skin and More Details

Valorant's new update 1.08 will have a new set of skins known as "Feed Your Ego". The mentioned weapons for these skins will be Guardian, Stinger, Ghost, Vandal, and Knife. All these are expected to arrive in the upcoming patch 1.08 which was delayed by 24hrs due to some technical issues.

Valorant is a highly popular tactical, hero-based first-person shooter game that is similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Overwatch. The cosmetics in this game are similar to League of Legends where players can either pay in small micro-payments to purchase in-game content or pay for entire bundles which mostly provide discounts.

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Valorant Ego Collection & Other Valorant Skins

These new set of skins were first teased on the official Valorant account and made by user named OneTap. This Valorant Ego collection will feature gold variants of the Knife, Guardian, Stinger, and Ghost skin. Valorant is known to release a lot of skins which its player base has taken very positively as it offers a large number of options to choose from. For example, one of the skin bundles known as The Elderflame Ultra bundle turned weapons into dragons. The release date for these skins is yet to be announced.

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Valorant Update 1.08

Agent Drafting

  • Riot developer Pwyff noted on Reddit when talking about agent drafting in other titles: “DotA2 may be a great example to me because each unit is exclusive, but drafting at the very best levels is about building the proper toolbox (or so I feel from my armchair).”
  • “If you’ve got an honest, winning strategy, you’ll draft the S-tier hero for that strategy, but if it’s banned, you begin learning the A and B-tier heroes who, when put together, can still do this function. If VAL is more like that, I can see it supporting a way larger ecosystem of agents.”

Delay of Variant Selection

The official PlayValorant Twitter account mentioned:

For the time being, there is no news about patch notes for the 1.08 update. Riot Games will soon make them available on its site.

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