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What Does Full Power Do In Cold War? Check Out The Cold Outbreak Full Power Power-Up

'What does Full Power do in Cold War?' is what many players have been asking since the season 2 update. Learn about the Cold War Outbreak Full Power Power-Up.

what does full power do in cold war

COD Cold War is the latest installment to the Black Ops Franchise. This game has been taking the name forward by providing a riveting story and stunning gameplay performance. Cold War has been in stores for quite some time and is on a constant rise to fame. The use of adaptive triggers on the PS5 controller, DualSense is also partly responsible for the game’s rise to fame. Call of Duty is also known to add a lot of bonus content for its players. Many want to learn what does full power do in Cold War.

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What does full power do in Cold War?

Cold War Zombies mode has many special attributes that differ from normal Cold War game modes. One of these special attributes is power-ups. Power-ups are consumable pick-ups that are dropped by certain zombies when they are killed. These Power-ups provide the players with special powers in the Cold War Zombies mode. Full Power is one the latest power-ups that have been added in season 2 of Cold War and many players are wondering what is Full Power?

Full Power is a very useful power-up in the game. Cold War Outbreak Full Power icon is two swords with a blue glow around them. With the Cold War Outbreak Full Power Power Up, players will have their primary weapon fully charged and all of their other types of equipment will be refilled to wreak havoc in the new Zombies map.

Cold War Firebase Z

The latest Cold War update has brought Firebase Z in the game. This is an all-new Zombies map that players want to learn more about, check out Cold War Firebase Z Walkthrough to learn more:

This is brand-new Zombies map, which is free on all platforms, continues the hidden arms race between Requiem and Omega Group following the events of “Die Maschine.” Although Requiem has fallen far behind their adversaries, their Operators will have new Support items and a new Perk at their disposal to fight through the undead waves and attempt to investigate and escape another of these Dark Aether outbreak sites.

In this mission the players will have to check out various areas and complete many tasks, check out all the tasks below:

  • Requiem Intel Briefing
  • Firebase Z Inspection
  • Village (Starting Area)
  • Helipad
  • North Gate (Planning Offices, Mission Control, OPC)
  • East Gate (Barracks, Field Hospital, Data Center)
  • South Gate (Military Command, Motorpool, Weapons Lab)
  • Field Guide to the New Support Items
  • Artillery
  • Napalm Strike
  • Assault Rounds
  • Perk Potential: Tombstone Soda

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