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What Is Foliage In Free Fire? Is Hiding In Foliage Removed In The New Update? Know Details

What is Foliage in Free Fire? Learn what was foliage and if it is removed in the new Free Fire update of April 9. Also find out about the other changes.

what is foliage in free fire

The latest update of Free Fire was launched on April 9, and the community is enjoying the new patch and the changes in the game. The highly-requested ranked mode for Clash Squad is now available in the new patch updates for all the players worldwide. The most exciting part about the new Free Fire update is the motorbike, which now will be available for two players to ride. 

Apart from this, a new character called Kapella has made a debut in the game with heightened healing abilities. An SMG gun named Thompson is available from the new Free Fire update which is good for close and mid-range combat. The game has experienced some new things and many new changes such as the removal of hiding in foliage while playing the survival game.

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What is Foliage in Free Fire?

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Free Fire is a survival game similar to PUBG where people fight each other to win the game. Hiding in foliage helps people to stay hidden and attack as others cannot see them. The foliage has big trees bushes, rocks and more which help players to stay hidden while other players attack them. Now, after this new change in the game, Foliage which was used by the players to hide and attack will also show the opponents their movements. The opponents will be able to see players in the foliage appearing in red colour. This has made surviving in the game tougher than before. 

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Other changes in the new Free Fire Update of April 9

  • Kalahari gets an awesome new camouflage skin, the Camo Box. The map was also added to the survivor manual.
  • Mushroom gathering can no longer be cancelled.
  • Parachuting displays backpack skin.
  • You can no longer hide behind Foliage.
  • The auto pick-up delay can be reduced via a new setting.
  • If you’re scoping and using an active skill, the weapon will no longer be un-scoped.
  • Added a setting where players can check if they are in a casual or ranked match.
  • Treasure maps effects, end-screen for TDM and CS matches, and Elite Pass main pages are optimized.
  • Gallery was added for Elite pass.
  • Character fragments can be purchased from the character selection menu.
  • Also, a game centre log is now supported.

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