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Where Are Golden Pipe Wrenches Fortnite In Week 10 Midas' Mission Challenge

Fortnite Midas Mission Challenges are live and task players with finding Golden Pipe Wrenches. Read on to know where are the Golden Pipe Wrenches Fortnite.

Where are the golden pipe wrenches fortnite

Fortnite Midas Mission Challenges are back here in Week 10 of the ongoing season, which means it’s time for yet another batch of tasks. And the one challenge that players need help with the most is searching for different Golden Pipe Wrenches all across the BR map. So, if you're all set to start looking for Midas' lost equipment then we will reveal all the locations where you can find the Fortnite Golden Pipe Wrench and complete the challenge.

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Where are the Golden Pipe Wrenches Fortnite

You are required to find a total of five wrenches in this challenge; all of which could be located around the edges on the map. Here are the five Golden Pipe Wrenches locations:

Steamy Stacks - H2

For your first location, you have to go to the Steamy Stacks in grid H2, but make sure that you don't get down right away. You will need to go through the eastern side, get past the nuclear reactor and land on a pipe that is coming out of building 5 to get your first golden pipe wrench.

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Dirty Docks - H4

For the second location, you will need to head towards Dirty Docks in grid H4. You should find a small metal building which is in the middle on the western side. You will find your second pipe down at the bottom of some pipes in a pit.

Pipeman - D8

The third pipe wrench is near the southern tip of an island in grid D8. You need to go down to a location called Pipeman. Start floating above him, and land in his arms to find your next wrench.

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Shanty Town - B6

The fourth pipe wrench is in the western marshes in grid B6. You need to get to a small town known as Shanty Town which is right before The Rig. You will get your fourth wrench here at the base of the pipe structure.

Lockie's Lighthouse - C1

The last and the final one is at the tippy top of Lockie's Lighthouse in grid C1. You just need to float to the top and get down on the northern side of the tip and get your fifth Fortnite golden pipe wrench.

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