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Where Are The Teddy Bears In Holly Hedges & How To Destroy Them In Fortnite Challenges?

Players are tasked with a secret challenge to destroy several Teddy Bears in Holly Hedges. Read on to learn where are the Teddy Bears in Holly Hedges.


A new set of Overtime Challenges is finally live in Fortnite. One of missions tasks players with destroying Teddy Bears at the Holly Hedges. So for those who are having trouble locating them, this guide will help you track down these teddy bears and with steps on how to complete the challenge.

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Where are the Teddy Bears in Holly Hedges?

All the Teddy Bears can be spotted around the Holly Hedges, which is located towards the western part of the map in the B5 grid square. Nine of these Teddy Bears can be easily tracked down at several Holly Hedges locations; however, you only need to find seven of them. They are scattered around the location and can be spotted once you land at the location. Here’s a quick guide you can use to locate all the Teddy Bears in Holly Hedges:

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Teddy Bear 1

Once you leave the plane, you must land at a big tree which is to the northwest of Holly Hedges. You will find the first Teddy Bear right under the tree beside a chair.

Teddy Bear 2

Next, you need to head south until you run into a blue house. You will find the next Teddy Bear sitting in the corner of the yard.

Teddy Bear 3 and 4

You need to enter the blue house where you will spot two more Teddy Bears. One can be found between the chairs next to a TV set and the other one will be on the second floor.

Teddy Bear 5 and 6

Leave the blue house and move towards the centre of Holly Hedges. Here, you must search for storage outside the Garden Centre. You will find two more Teddy Bears here. One is near the checkout in the Southwest area while the other one is near some pallets in the Southeast area.

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Teddy Bear 7

Next, you need to head to the southernmost building which has a basketball hoop outside. Get inside the building and go to the second floor. You will see a Teddy Bear sitting inside a room.

Teddy Bear 8 and 9

The last two teddies can be found in a tall greenhouse which is to the east of Holly Hedges. One is on the first floor inside a room while the other one is on the top floor next to a big telescope.

How to destroy Teddy Bears in Holly Hedges?

When you come across a Teddy Bear in Holly Hedges, you need to destroy it using a pickaxe or any other Fortnite weapon that you managed to pick up during the match.

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