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Where Is The Treasure Map In NBA 2K20 And Which Are The Best Spots To Find Them?

The NBA 2K20 treasure map location is part of the Treasure Hunter Event. Read on to know where is the treasure map in NBA 2K20 and areas you can find them.

Where is the Treasure Map in NBA 2K20

The NBA 2K20 has been a major hit in the gaming community since coming out last year. The game came with a number of exciting features and a number of gameplay options for the fans. The NBA 2K20 treasure map location has been part of the Treasure Hunter Event, which was introduced a while ago. The Treasure map is an important part of the event, as it gives players certain objectives to complete to get the rewards. However, it can be quite difficult for players to locate the map. This is mainly because it varies depending on the location of every neighbourhood. So, we will give you a few locations which may help you locate the treasure map in NBA 2K20.

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Where is the Treasure map in NBA 2K20?

Finding the treasure map can be a bit tricky as the location of the map can be at random, and may differ for every player. This means that a location for one player will not be the same for another player. However, there are a couple of areas where players have reportedly located a treasure map. Here are some of the 2K20 Treasure map locations you should check out:

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  • Close to the third tee which is at the Disc Golf, behind MyCourt buildings
  • Behind the Training Facility
  • In front of the Rec Center
  • Next to Ante Up
  • Behind the building with DJ Artwork
  • Behind Doc's Barber Shop
  • Behind the NBA store
  • Behind VC management

And while there are many other locations in the game that players have yet to experience, the above spots are said to be the most common places where users have been able to find a treasure map.

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Image credits: NBA 2K20 | Twitter

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