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Why Is Gummy Drop Not Working? Troubleshoot Freezing And Crashing Issues On PC In 2021

Gummy Drop is a popular game on mobile and PC platforms, however, players may usually run into crashes. Why is Gummy Drop not working? Scroll on to find out.

Gummy Drop not working

Gummy Drop is one of the widely popular Match 3 puzzle games where players can restore various structures and rebuild landmarks. Players can also rebuild iconic cities like Paris, Hawaii, New York, Sydney, Tokyo, London, Rome, Berlin, New Orleans and Barcelona, among many others. One can also hang out with locals in the cities and catch beautiful views where they go. Developed by Big Fish Games, the title is highly popular among PC gamers. However, a number of PC players have reported issues of Gummy Drop crashing on their PC.

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Why is Gummy Drop not working?

If you play Gummy Drop, you must have noticed that the game runs into freeze or into crashes. Luckily, you can easily resolve these Gummy Drop problems using simple tricks.

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How to fix Gummy Drop crashing and freezing?

Update your graphics driver

One of the reasons you may experience frequent crashes on your PC is because your graphics card driver is not up to date. Make sure that your graphics card is always up to date to avoid running into these unwanted crashes and freezes.

Gummy Drop update

This is one of the recommended steps by Big Fish Games to fix crashes and freezing issues. To update the game on PC and Mac, you need to head over to the Game Manager which can be accessed in the Big Fish Games app. To install the latest update on your PC, select the Updates tab. From here, you need to select the available game update and hit the 'Install Update' button.

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Run as Administrator

Running the game as an administrator is another recommended step to fix the issue. This is because the game may not give Gummy Drop all the permissions required to run the game. As a result, the game may not boot up or run as intended. In certain cases, it may not save the progress that you have made it the game.

Reinstall Gummy Drop

If the above steps don't seem to resolve the issues, you can try reinstalling the game on your system. This can be done using the Big Fish Games app.

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