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CSGO Update And Patch Notes: Improved Weapon Pickup, Fixed Sv_pure And Grenades

Valve Corporation has released the newest CSGO patch notes which makes several adjustments to the game and improvements. Read on for complete patch notes.

CSGO update and patch notes

Counter Strike: Global Offensive has released a new game patch on May 11, to fans' delight. Valve Corporation unveiled the patch which includes a number of gameplay improvements and several adjustments to some of the oldest issues in CSGO.

Grenade use key issue fixed with latest CSGO update  

The developers have also fixed a widespread issue in the game that has plagued players for a long time now. A player used to drop their weapon and the grenade after getting killed. And since both the weapons were dropped at once, they were at a fairly close distance or up against the dropped weapon. This was one of the issues that have been affecting players as the grenade's geometry often used to get in the way every time a player tried to pick up the dropped weapon. Developers have now fixed this issue.

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Hostages no longer block flashes in CSGO

Hostages will no longer obscure flashbang traces. Hostages have been able to block the blinding effect of flashbangs whenever a player tried to hide behind them. The issue has been fixed.

CSGO update and patch notes – May 11

Here are the complete CSGO patch notes with all the fixes and gameplay improvements: 

CSGO Gameplay Improvements

  • There is improved reliability of picking up weapons with the ‘Use’ key when nearby dropped grenades are present.
  • Explosive grenade damage around small obstacles like stairs will now cause damage to players more reliably.
  • Players who begin the round with a taser and not a pistol will no longer have their taser deleted. Additionally, rechargeable tasers will now get recharged at the start of a round.
  • Fixed an issue where the Danger Zone piloted drone would result in self-destruct timer resetting due to zone damage or repeated player input.

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CSGO patch notes add sv_pure fix

  • Developers have added a setting sv_pure_allow_loose_file_loads for game servers. This will control whether the third-party files will be loaded by clients. Players will also be able to have third-party files on the disk; however, the files will not be considered when playing on such pure game servers. If players have already loaded third-party files into the game memory, then their game client will need to be restarted to be able to able to connect to such pure game servers.
  • Added a sv_pure_allow_missing_files setting for game servers. This will control what happens to clients who load files that are not present on the game server. When disabled, if a connected player loaded third-party files into game memory, the player will be kicked out.
  • Added a message that will explain to players which file had mismatched the pure server configuration and caused a user disconnect.

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CSGO Misc improvements

  • There is an improved loadout animation in buy menu for a number of agents and weapon combinations.
  • There is a fix for some game instructor hints that showed incorrect key bindings for a few languages such as "sfrutteranno” in Italian.
  • A new setting con_allownotify have been added to the game to allow hiding top-right corner notifications if “Overflowed CClientRenderablesList” notification is displayed in 21:9 resolutions.

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