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How To Activate Call Forwarding In Jio? A Complete Guide With Alternative Ways

Call forwarding is a very important feature that ensures you never miss a phone call. Today, we take you through how to activate call forwarding in Jio.

how to activate call forwarding in jio

Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd had commercially launched VoLTE 4G services in India a few years ago and have been working on expanding the network coverage ever since. However, there are many instances where the network gets congested due to the heavy number of users being active at a particular time, leading to a bad signal.

To overcome the problem, Reliance Jio 4G users can still receive incoming calls on their Jio number by forwarding or diverting them to an alternative number. This is also possible in cases of no network. Jio's call forwarding service is currently available with the Jio 4G network and for those users who have a phone that supports the call forwarding feature.

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What is call forwarding?

Call forwarding is a feature that has been especially used by mobile users for a long time to divert a phone call to another mobile number so as to not miss calls in any cases.

How to activate call forwarding and waiting in Reliance Jio

To forward call or divert call, you need to have a phone with call forwarding feature. Activating the Jio call forwarding service can be done right from the phone's settings section.

Go to 'Settings' > 'Call' > 'Advanced settings' > 'Call forwarding'

Follow the simple steps listed above by locating your phone's 'Settings' and navigating to 'Call'. Now look for 'Advanced settings' and select 'Call forwarding'.

However, it is worth noting that not every phone comes with this feature. While most of the Android smartphones do offer this feature to activate call forwarding and waiting, it does not work in certain low-end devices. Also, the navigation process may be difficult for many users.

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Alternative way to activate call forwarding by call forwarding code

For users having trouble navigating through the above steps or unable to find the feature, their best option would be to use another method that works through the call forwarding code. You will need to dial a call forwarding code from your Reliance Jio number and type the 10 digit number where you wish to forward the calls. These are the different options available for activating call forwarding on Reliance Jio.

Call forwarding code for 'Unconditional':

*401*<10 digit number> - This code is used to forward or divert all of your incoming calls on your Jio number to any other number.

Call forwarding code for 'No Answer':

*403*<10 digit number> - This code is used when you do not answer the call.

Call forwarding code for 'Busy':

*405*<10 digit number> - This code is used when your number is busy.

Call forwarding code for 'Conditional call forwarding':

*409*<10 digit number> - This code is used when your number is not reachable, out of coverage or if it's switched off.

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How to deactivate Jio call diverting service

If at any point you wish to deactivate your Jio call divert, you can simply do so by turning off the call forwarding in your phone settings. If your phone does not support this feature and you have activated the service using the call forwarding code, you can deactivate it from your Jio number by dialing the below-mentioned code.

*402 – To deactivate unconditional call forward.

*404 – To deactivate when you have set the call forward to no answer.

*406  – To deactivate when you have forwarded calls when busy.

*410  – To deactivate the call forward for when your Jio number is not reachable or switched off.

*413 – To deactivate all call forwarding.

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