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Excessive Enthusiasm Crossword Clue: Here Are All The Possible Answers

The 'Excessive enthusiasm crossword clue' can be found in many crossword puzzles. Here is a list of possible answers that one can use to solve the crossword.

excessive enthusiasm crossword clue

Crossword puzzles are word puzzles with clues, and each word is connected to the other. As the words start to fill one by one, it gets easier to solve this amazing game. It helps in boosting one's brain capacity and is a great way to increase vocabulary as well. These crossword puzzles can prove to be a great way to spend time during the coronavirus lockdown.

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Excessive enthusiasm crossword puzzle

There can be hard and difficult clues given in the daily crossword puzzles. Many of these can confuse the person who is trying to solve them as they try to understand the clue. It is always important to check the number of letters that the answer contains when solving the puzzle. One such clue given in many crosswords is 'Excessive enthusiasm' or related to 'excessive enthusiasm'.

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Four-lettered clues:

If the crossword clue given is ‘Excessive enthusiasm’ with the answer of four letters, then the right answer is 'zeal'. The word 'zeal' means 'feeling enthusiasm towards an objective'. Thus this is a correct answer.

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Five-lettered clues:

When it comes to five-lettered clues, three options are available. If the crossword clue is just 'Excessive enthusiasm', the answer is 'Mania'. If the clue is 'Talks wildly or with excessive enthusiasm', then the answer can also be 'Raves', while 'Mania' also works here. A crossword clue that is also available is 'Marked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion to a cause or idea'. The answer to this can also be 'Rabid'.

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Ten-lettered clues:

One rare crossword clue that one might come across is ‘Develop excessive enthusiasm’. The answer to this will be ten-lettered. The answer to this can be ‘Fanaticism'.

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