Updated February 3rd, 2020 at 19:01 IST

Netizens cannot believe that some people don't have an internal monologue

A social media user has just revealed that some people have an internal narrative and some people don't. He also added that people are not aware of this fact.

Reported by: Shubham Bose
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People normally have two ways of thinking. Some people think in clear sentences, can 'hear' their thoughts in a clear internal voice which may or may not sound like the way they think they speak. This is better referred to as an internal narrative. On the other hand, a lot of people think in abstract concepts. Both sets of people are mostly unaware of each other.

A social media user brought up this fact once again a few days ago and it has since gone viral. Kyleplantemoji tweeted about how people have an internal narrative and others don't.

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Social media thrown into a frenzy 

A lot of people replied to Kyle's post and described themselves in one of the two categories. A few said they belonged to the set of people who had an internal narrative.

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Others categorised themselves as abstract thinkers, and had questions for the others.

Some Twitter users were just confused.


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Published February 3rd, 2020 at 19:01 IST