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Canadian Pilot Traces Syringe With Heart In The Sky To Express COVID-19 'vaccine Love'

In a remarkable incident to show support to the COVID-19 vaccination programme, a Canadian pilot traced a syringe with a heart to show ‘vaccine love’. 


In a remarkable incident to show support to the COVID-19 vaccination programme, a Canadian pilot traced a syringe with a heart to show ‘vaccine love’. According to the social media post by FlightRadar24, the unnamed pilot drew the entire drawing by travelling a route near the Niagara Falls in Canada. According to the picture shared by the Swedish internet-based service that shares real-time commercial aircraft flight, the aircraft commenced its flight from the Niagara Central Dorothy Rungeling Airport and then drawing the syringe along with a heart.

Further, as per the information shared, the aircraft used to trace the entire path is Van's RV-4 with a registration code of CFOUU. Soon after the image was shared on social media, the incident caused a stir online with hundreds of netizens lauding pilot’s efforts. While someone wrote, “take me too” another indicated that she might try a similar innovative method to express gratitude to the frontline workers who have been tackling the highly-infectious disease since the beginning of 2020. 

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German pilot traces vaccine in the sky

Meanwhile, a young pilot from Germany Samy Kramer mapped out over 200 kilometres and traced a giant syringe in the sky as a way of supporting the COVID-19 vaccination programme as the European nation began rolling out its first doses in December 2020 last week. The 20-year-old amateur pilot had reportedly carefully plotted out the route he needed to take in advance to create the effect in the skies above Baden-Wuerttemberg. 

As per reports, the manoeuvres included a number of 90-degree turns during his flight earlier last week that lasted one hour and 40 minutes and covered 280 kilometres. The syringe could be seen on the Flightradar website.

Another heartwarming video had gone viral showing US health workers celebrating the arrival of COVID-19 vaccine in the country It showed healthcare workers' friends dancing to cheer vaccine distributors upon the arrival of Pfizer-BioNTech jabs. A video of the gig was shared online by Kate Walsh, the President of Boston Medical Centre, and is now spreading joy across the internet. The half minute-long clip features healthcare workers and their other masked friends, most of them donning a hazmat suit performing a co-ordinated dance as music plays.

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