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Iran President Hassan Rouhani Breaks Silence, Reminds Trump Of IR655

Hassan Rouhani finally broke his silence over US President Trump's warning of targeting 52 Iranian sites & reminded him of 1998 Iran Air flight 655 incident


The President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani finally broke his silence over US President Donald Trump's warning of targeting 52 Iranian sites and reminded him of the Iran Air flight 655 incident where 290 passengers lost their lives. Taking to Twitter Rouhani further stated that the Iranian nation should not be threatened. Have a look at Rouhani's tweet.

Iran Air flight 655 incident

On July 3 1998, the Iran Air flight 655 was shot by the United States Navy's missile cruiser USS Vincennes. It was carrying 290 passengers from Tehran to Dubai. The incident occurred when the aircraft was flying over Iran’s territorial waters. The US defended itself at the time by claiming that the Airbus was misjudged as an attacking F-14 Tomcat jet fighter. The shootdown has since been a bone of contention between the governments of both countries.

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Donald Trump's threat

US President Donald Trump has been issuing a slew of warnings to Iran after the Green Zone in Baghdad was attacked after a US drone strike killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. 

Trump on Sunday morning issued a warning to Iran stating that they have 52 important Iranian sites within their targets and the US would not hesitate to launch an attack in case of any further threats from Iran. Similarly, after the second attack on the Green Zone on Sunday night, Trump took to Twitter and said that the US will “quickly and fully” strike back if any of the US personnel are targeted in any part of the world. He stated that the US has spent two trillion dollars on military equipment which is the best in the world and they can use it on Iran.

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