Woman Wraps Baby As Burrito On His First Birth Anniversary, Internet Hearts It

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A woman named Brianna has wrapped her baby as a delicious Burrito on his first birth anniversary and tweeted “I made a Burrito today” while the baby napped.

Written By Zaini Majeed | Mumbai | Updated On:

Food photography inspires many, and in a distinctive attempt to recreate something special on her son’s first birth anniversary, a woman named Brianna has wrapped him as a delicious Burrito. “I made a Burrito today”, she tweeted on social media after she posted a replica image of her one-month-old baby placed beside the food accessories napping.

Amongst many things, she positioned a plank behind him that read “1 Mes (1 month)” written on it. She mentioned that she had managed to take photos of her son and celebrate his birthday in a unique way without disturbing his nap time. She managed to make the picture vibrant by spreading out edibles like salsa, limes, hot sauce, two bottles of Jarritos, Mexican soda and a little cilantro for garnishing.

Mateo becomes an internet sensation

Twitter has flooded appreciation calling the baby adorable and the picture soon became a favourite with 270,000 likes and 48,000 shares online making Mateo an internet sensation. Brianna seized the opportunity in declaring her son a model and looked forward to doing this more often. The trend of the baby photo-op picked up in the comments as parents shared adorable photos of their babies napping wrapped in grubs.


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Internet cannot get enough

Some of the reactions were hilarious as parents shared their experience of the photoshoot of their napping toddlers. The pictures varied from the kids sleeping in the plate to some decorated in garnishing, while some moms shared the shopping portals where the others could buy the food resembling outfits. Whatever the reactions, internet totally hearted the picture and jumped the wagon in portraying their own darlings.


In a similar scenario, Jenelle Wexler, a hairdresser from Chicago shared the pictures of her baby daughter Liberty Jane in outfits resembling some of the most iconic women in history. She shared with the online audience that she looks forward to making strong women known in society and wants them respected. The woman designs the outfits by herself and photographs her daughter to highlight the women of influence in order to empower the women across the world.

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