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UK Woman Fined For Travelling Through 3 Counties & 100s Of Miles To Share Burger With Sis

In a bizarre incident, a woman was fined by the UK police after she drove for more than 100 miles across the country just to get a burger with her sister


In a bizarre incident, a woman was fined by the UK police after she drove for more than 100 miles across the country just to get a burger. According to a report by the BBC, the woman travelled from her home in Lincolnshire to Scarborough just to get a McDonalds meal with her sister. As per the North Yorkshire Police, driving through three counties for a burger is not considered ‘essential’ travel and violates the lockdown restrictions that have been imposed.

70 fines over the weekend 

According to the BBC, Chief Inspector Rachel Wood said that everybody is looking forward to going out. However, she thanked the ones who are staying at home and protecting their own lives. The police force issued more than 70 fines in the county just over the weekend.  

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In a separate incident, a restaurant in Colombia has started offering a ‘gold plated burger’. As per a report by the South China Morning Post, the Colombian restaurant in Bogota has turned one of the world’s most beloved food items into a luxurious cuisine by adding a layer of 24-carat edible gold. As the hospitality industries across the world have been severely impacted by the global health crisis, including restaurants, many dining places are shut down or are laying off people. Amid such grim circumstances, as the restaurants continue to bear an unprecedented loss in their businesses and public gatherings are also banned, the eatery in the Colombian capital has ramped up its luxurious dish menu by offering a $59 gold-plated burger. The regular burger is priced at $11.

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While the restaurant authorities introduced the dish to boost sales, Maria Paula, the chef, elaborated on the meticulous process of placing the gold foil on the burger. While talking to the media outlet, she said that the 24-carat gold is put on the hamburger which is closed but it gets damaged even with a slight touch of a finger. Furthermore, she also said that if the gold sheet is not put on the burger correctly, then also it is damaged.

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