'Dude With Sign': A Guy Silently Protests Against Most Random Issues

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Seth, or as he calls himself, 'Dude with sign' is the guy behind most viral memes on the internet and stands expressionless to 'protest most random' things.

Written By Aanchal Nigam | Mumbai | Updated On:
'Dude with sign

Social media has recently managed to churn out yet another 'legend' for themselves and are referring to him as the 'cardboard guy' or 'the viral guy' or 'hero'. An unidentified person was seen holding cardboard cuttings with 'essential' messages which apparently speak on behalf of the things Millenials feel. Seth, or as he calls himself, 'dude with sign' is the creator of most viral memes on the internet. He stands expressionless in standard clothes and goggles while holding messages like, 'nobody cares about your Spotify' and 'names are not that hard to spell'. 

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Not only the messages, but his choice of location to stand and 'broadcast' the message to a busy crowd is always deemed hilarious by the people. For instance, Seth chose the entrance of the coffee-chain, Starbucks to hold the cardboard cutting which says 'names are not that hard to spell' because Starbucks has been called out by many internet users or 'Millenials' for writing hilarious modifications of their names on the cups. Some netizens have also started referring to Seth as a guy who is 'silently protesting against most random issues' like company e-mails, or Friends show being 'overrated'. 

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Even though Seth has been posting these photos since October, only the recent one targetting Spotify has taken the internet by storm. 'Dude with sign' posted his 'protest' just a day after the brand released 'Spotify Wrapped' where the music streaming application combined the entire year of its listeners and the netizens were seen flaunting about their music taste online. However, amidst the 'chaos', Seth went on to say that 'nobody cares' about it and the internet users who actually related to him have been sharing it even now and encouraged him for 'taking a stand'. 

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