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US Man Arrested After He Tried To Teach His Dog How To Drive A Car

Recently a US man has been arrested by police when they found out that the he was trying to teach driving to his dog which could have been proved fatal

US man arrested after teaching his dog driving, charged with multiple felonies

A man from Washington, US was reportedly arrested after he tried to teach his dog how to drive a car. The police officers caught Alberto Tito Alejandro after they received calls about a driver hitting two vehicles in an area south of Seattle and then speeding away, as reported by the international news agency.

The incident happened on March 29 afternoon after the cops received calls about a car traveling erratically at more than 100 miles per hour. Axtman also added that when the police tried to chase and overtake a speedy car, they were completely shocked to find a pitbull in the driver's seat and a man trying to steer and push the gas pedal by sitting next to him on the passenger side.

Finally, to catch the culprit, the cops deployed spike strips and arrested 51-year-old, who was charged with multiple felonies including driving under the influence of drugs. Meanwhile, the dog which got a little aggressive after seeing the cops arresting his owner has been handed over to a shelter house who is taking good care of it.

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A dog driving car in a pond

A similar incident happened a couple of months back when a dog accidentally shifted the gear of his owner's car, driving it into the pond. After pushing the car into the pond, he was rescued by the owner. The incident took place in the city of Xinguang which is situated in the Pujiang County in East China's Zhejiang Province, on December 11, when an excited dog was captured in the CCTV camera accidentally driving his owner's SUV into the pond.

According to the owner, he parked his SUV and stepped out of it for a moment. The mistake he did was he left the car open with pooch sitting inside alone. Jia the owner of the white SUV said the moment he stepped out of his car, he saw it moving forward and finally plunging into the pond. The owner informed the international media that the car was in the ignition mode. Apparently, his dog sitting inside the car accidentally shifted its gear. Jia said that he had gone to get his wallet and a box of products that he had left at the back, only to find his car floating in the shallow water. The dog can be seen trying to come out of the sunroof.

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