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If 'Twilight' Had An Indian Version, These Actors Could Be A Part Of It; Check It Out

Here is a list of celebrities we would want to be a part of if there is an Indian remake of the vampire saga, 'Twilight'. Read on to know more about this


Twilight has gone to achieve a cult status all over the globe. Not only the books, but also the movies had gathered quite a fan following. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as Bella Swan and Edward Cullen won hearts immortalising the characters. However, the Twilight Saga had ended a long time back. But now author, Stephanie Meyer has come up with a new book, Midnight Sun that tells the whole story from the perspective of everyone's favourite vampire, Edward Cullen. On that note, here's revisiting Twilight with its Bollywood version.

Edward Cullen- Hrithik Roshan

twilight cast katrina kaif

With similar sharp features and great acting skills, Hrithik Roshan might just be able to pull off the role of the vampire heartthrob, Edward Cullen. 

Image credit: Edward.Cullen.official Instagram, Hrithik Roshan Instagram

Bella Swan- Katrina Kaif

twilight cast katrina kaif

Katrina Kaif might just be the right person to play the stoic and emotionally confused Bella Swan who was immortalised in Hollywood by Kristen Stewart. 

Image credit: BellaSwan.official Instagram, Katrina Kaif Instagram

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Jacob Black- Vicky Kaushal

twilight cast katrina kaif

Vicky Kaushal seems to be the perfect fit to play Jacob Black who is in love with Bella for the first three movies. If one remembers Jacob's looks, they would also understand why Vicky Kaushal is chosen to play this part. 

Image credit: Taylor Lautner Instagram, Vicky Kaushal Instagram

Carlisle Cullen- Milind Soman

twilight cast katrina kaif

Milind Soman's dashing looks despite his age is one thing that he and Carlisle Cullen seem to have in common. Thus, he would be perfect for the role. 

Image credit: Peter Facinelli Instagram, Milind Soman Instagram

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Esme Cullen- Karisma Kapoor

twilight cast katrina kaif

Karisma Kapoor might be the perfect Bollywood substitute to play Esme Cullen with similar facial features and the motherly instinct. 

Image credit: EsmeCullen.official Instagram, Karisma Kapoor Instagram

Rosalie Hale- Kareena Kapoor

twilight cast katrina kaif

Despite being a strong-minded character, Rosalie wanted kids even though she could not have one. Kareena Kapoor is someone who might be able to portray the various nuances of Rosalie's character. 

Image credit: Nikki Reed Instagram, Kareena Kapoor Instagram

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Emmett Cullen- Arjun Kapoor

twilight cast katrina kaif

Both Arjun Kapoor and Emmett Cullen have similar appearances being muscular. But they also can portray the emotional side as well despite their rugged looks. 

Image credit: Kellan Lutz Instagram, Arjun Kapoor Instagram

Jasper Hale- Sidharth Malhotra

twilight cast katrina kaif

Jasper is a quiet character who barely speaks before the third movie. The quiet and brooding Sidharth Malhotra seems to be the perfect Bollywood actor to play this role. 

Image credit: Jackson Rathbone Instagram, Sidharth Malhotra Instagram

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Alice Cullen- Tara Sutaria

twilight cast katrina kaif

Alice is slightly weird but fun-loving and likes to make friends easily. It will be interesting to see Tara Sutaria play this role.

Image credit: Ashley Greene Instagram, Tara Sutaria Instagram

Charlie Swan- Jackie Shroff

twilight cast katrina kaif

The ever protective father who is not good with words sums up the character of Charlie Swan and Jackie Shroff might be just the person for this role. 

Image credit: Billy BurkeTwitter, Jackie Shroff Instagram

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