Kasautii Zindagii Kay January 16 Written Update: Viraj Talks To Anurag Man-to-man

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay airs at 8 pm on Star Plus. Here is the written update for the January 16 episode. Know what's the latest in Prerna's and Anurag's lives.

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On the January 14 episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Viraj confronted Anurag about him and Prerna. Moloy accused Mohini of being an over-possessive mother. Ronit was yet to kidnap Prerna from the party but Shivani became an added distraction to his already delayed plan.

Moloy scolds Mohini, again!

The January 16 episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay began with Mohini asking Moloy to tell Prerna not to dance with Anurag. But Moloy pointed out that Mohini was a jealous, over-possessive mother who cries to get the sympathy of her son. Saying this Moloy left and Nivedita came to console Mohini. Mohini confessed to her daughter that she hated Prerna.

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Anurag knows all about pregnancy

After hurting her foot, Anurag took Prerna away and asked Veena to go with them. Prerna insisted it might be just a sprain but Anurag massaged her foot. Viraj looked on the whole scene with a mixed expression. Anurag asked Prerna if she was fine and he read that sprains were common in pregnancy. He looked it on the internet to help her if necessary. Viraj came there and asked if he could talk to Anurag alone and the latter agreed.

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Mother-daughter talk

Prerna told Veena that even if Anurag did not remember he cared for her. Veena agreed and said he was a great man and had always supported her but that did not mean that he was Prerna’s anymore. Prerna countered saying he would be hers and she would break her marriage with Viraj. Veena asked her to rest and left.

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Man to man

Meanwhile, Anurag asked Viraj to say what he had in mind. Viraj said he did not know how to put it right but it was about his marriage. Anurag asked if Prerna had something because she could be moody and also talked a lot. Viraj interrupted saying he knew that Anurag knew Prerna a lot but he is a simple guy who did not like going into complications. He asked Anurag straightaway if he loved Prerna. Anurag replied yes he did. In another scene, Ronit was thinking about how to kidnap Prerna. He picked up a vase and hit Shivani on the head locking her inside a cupboard.

Anurag, meanwhile, told that it was nothing like that. He was married and if it was indeed true that he loved Prerna, he would not have played matchmaker between Viraj and Prerna. He apologised if Viraj felt uncomfortable. Viraj thanked him and explained that he was not accusing Anurag but he loved Prerna and wanted to propose her. He hugged Anurag and the latter wished him well.

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Kidnapping is a complicated task

In another area of the party, the goon posed as a waiter hid from Anupam. He called Roni. Shivani started to regain consciousness and found Ronit holding her at gunpoint. The goon told Ronit that he was outside but a man was following him. Meanwhile, Anupam got a call and went back inside. Ronit asked the goon to come quickly. He threatened Shivani and asked the goon to handle her. Ronit then said he had yet to kidnap Prerna. Shivani started screaming hearing this but Ronit slapped her.

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Anurag’s thoughts

Meanwhile, Anurag wondered why did Viraj have such thoughts. He decided that he would try not to get involved or Prerna’s marriage might break. He thought of Prerna and said to himself that he remembered seeing himself with Prerna in his flashbacks. Komolika, who was standing and listening to Anurag’s rantings, threw something to disturb his thoughts. The episode ended here.

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