Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update For December 6 | Mohini Insults Prerna And Veena

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay airs at 8 pm on Star Plus. Here is the written update for the December 6 episode. Know what's the latest in Prerna and Anurag's lives

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay is a popular television soap opera that airs on Star Plus. The serial is a modern-day revival of the 2001 version, which was as popular as this new version, if not more. The plot of Kasautii Zindagii Kay revolves around Anurag and Prerna's love story and the trials and tribulations they face along the way.

What happened on Kasautii Zindagii Kay's December 6 episode?

The December 6 episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay began with Veena telling Mohini that Anurag had invited them to the party since Rajesh was a part of the company. She asked Mohini why did Anurag come to meet them if he was married. This angered Mohini and Nivedita tried to avert any unpleasant situation saying that they had guests to attend to. But Veena continued that Prerna had done a lot for Anurag and complained that the Basus had asked Prerna to leave the house because he was unwell. However, she explained that she observed that Anurag seemed quite happy whenever he was with Prerna. Veena asked Mohini to treat Prerna well because she is carrying Mohini's grandchild in her womb.

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Angered by Veena’s accusations, Mohini burst out in anger asking Veena to keep quiet. Shivani defended her mother saying that people’s habits may change but not their thinking. Nivedita too got angry on Shivani and said that Anurag had never mentioned that the child in Prerna’s womb was his own. Veena countered these accusations saying that the Basus were questioning the baby and for this, she would never let them see the baby’s face.

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Meanwhile, Komolika came to the party and walked towards Anurag. But Prerna came in between and Anurag introduced Komolika to Prerna as his wife, Sonalika. Komolika took Prerna aside and Anurag felt this was the opportunity to find an album with Prerna’s husband's picture. Komolika taunted Prerna asking what was the use of Prerna’s truth when at the end she had become their beloved bahu. Prerna challenged her to tell the Basus who she really was. But just then she saw Veena leaving and said she would finish her work and go home together.

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Komolika continued taunting Prerna asking how it feels now that Anurag called her his wife. But Prerna countered that one day Anurag’s memories would come back. Komolika replied that he would not regain his memories. Shivani came to Prerna’s rescue saying that she could very well have shown Anurag their engagement pictures and their wedding card.

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Nivedita meanwhile asked where was Anurag. Komolika called him and he said he went to the office to get the papers. But Prerna said that the papers were with her. Anurag then asked Prerna to keep those papers safe until he was back. Komolika taunted her again saying he only regarded her as his secretary but Prerna said it was because of his trust in her. Mohini then found Prerna with the papers and asked her what she was doing there while the party was downstairs. She added that she would never forget how Prerna had left Anurag and married Bajaj. But Prerna countered that she did all this to save Anurag. Despite all that, Mohini thought Sonalika was better than her. Mohini accused Prerna of leaving Anurag while Sonalika was supporting him. She also added that Prerna is only getting close to Anurag because of his money. Prerna replied that she could not change her thinking and she would never leave Anurag.

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Meanwhile at Prerna’s house, unable to open the drawer, Anurag took out a hairpin and tried to open the lock. He thought that Prerna had also become his crime partner. The episode ended here.

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