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Books To Read About Gujarat | Know More About The History & Culture Of The State

Here are some books to read about state of Gujrat which will give a sneak peek into the rich history, culture and community. Read on to know more about this.

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With the Coronavirus lockdown extended till May 3, 2020 people seem to be running out of ideas on how to keep themselves entertained. Especially for the readers, who are getting bored with classic or best-selling books, here are some other fun reads to try out. There are many books based on the history and culture of Gujarat which might make a wonderful addition to the reading list. For those, who have not visite this majestic state yet, these books will surely offer a beautiful glimpse of the landscape and the people. 

A Gujarat Here, A Gujarat There

This is one of the best books to read about Gujarat which explains a lot about the people and the community. The book, written by Krishna Sobti, is a partly a memoir and partly a feminist narrative which is set against the backdrop of a Gujarat still swinging between the British culture and free India. The protagonist is a young woman who arrives in the city of Sirohi in Gujrat hoping to make it her permanent home. 

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The Magic Flute

The Magic Flute is a book by KM Munshi is the first part of the seven-volume series called Krishnavatara based on the life of Lord Krishna. This book deals with Krishna's slaying of the evil king, Kamsa while he was still a boy and played the flute. The latter was known to captivate and hypnotize men, animals and nature alike for example when Krishna made the mythical Sheshnag dance to his tunes. This is one of the best books about Gujarat and his religious history.

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The Five Brothers

This is the third book in the Krishnavatara series by KM Munshi. It deals with Krishna's equation with the wife of the Pandava kings, Draupadi and ends with the latter's swayamvaar. The series is a romanticised retelling of the life of the Hindu god Krishna who was known to live in Gujarat. 

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This book is written by the famous author, Govardhanram Madhavram Tripathi and is a classic in the world of Gujarati literature. The story takes place over four series and is based on the life of a rich man called Saraswatichandra who renounces his family and fiancee when he feels his father suspects him of being only interested in their family wealth. The novel series had also been adapted to a daily soap which starred Jennifer Winget and Gautam Rode. 

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Karan Ghelo: Gujarat's Last Rajput King

This book is written by Nandshankar Mehta originally in the Gujarati. It was published in 1866 and is said to be the first original novel in Gujarati. The book has been translated to English as recent as 2015. It is a historical fiction based on the last Rajput kingdom of Gujarat and its king, Karan Vaghela who brings upon him the ire of his minister by abducting the latter's wife. The minister then journeys to Delhi and convinces emperor Alauddin Khilji to invade the kingdom marking the end of the Rajput rule in the state forever. 

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