Parenting Tips: Here's Some Ways On How To Reward Your Children


Check out some parenting tips that you can use for children apart from food. It is essential to change the food treats into non-food variants. Read on.

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Parenting tips

 At times, positive reinforcement in the form of treats after they learned some good habits is one of the most important parenting tips to keep in mind. When kids are young, many parents use food as a treat when their toddlers do something good. However, there are some non-food treats for children that are more sensible and would be more enjoyable by your children. 

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Give them extra TV time

If your kids have been good for a while and are in need of a treat to feel good and motivated, let them have a bit of extra TV time than they usually do. This parenting tip will help them motivate themselves for the next tasks and they will thus keep obeying whatever you teach them in future. 

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Choose your battles

Don't bombard your kids with a lot of rules and nag them about everything that they do wrong. Children may start hiding things from their parents if they are nagged about everything.

Give them their space and as a parent choose your battles and stick to it. Nag them about specific things that they do wrong so that it is ensured that they will learn that specific habit at least. This itself will be a treat for them. 

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Watch a late-night kid movie with them

Watch a late-night movie with your kids for the days when they don't have school the very next day. Treat them only when they have accomplished following a specific schedule or have been obedient for a while. Treat them when they sleep on time or when they wake up at the correct timing.  

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Commit them to a day of picnic or outdoor activity days

You can take your kids out for a picnic at the end of every month. It will act as a treat for your kids as it would be something that they will look up to throughout the month and thus would listen to everything you say. Plus it will be a day when they get all your attention. You can alter these days with some other outdoor activities as well. 

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