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Skincare Tips On How To Use Rice Water To Treat Damaged Skin

Rice water is being researched on for its skincare properties. Read on to know more about skincare tips and benefits of using rice water on damaged skin.

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Rice water has immense skincare properties. Many believe it can soothe and tone the skin, even improve different skin conditions. Rice water contains certain substances that help protect and repair damaged skin.

Another plus point of it is that rice water is completely cost-effective and easily available. Here are some skincare tips on how to use rice water to treat damaged skin:

Rice water for acne

Many people, along with some dermatologists, recommend using rice water to treat acne. It is beneficial for acne because it soothes the skin, clears blemishes and also helps heal the damaged skin. However, research is still going on and it is better to consult one’s doctor before trying it out.

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Rice water for dry skin

It is widely acknowledged by dermatologists that rice water helps soothe skin irritation caused by SLS or sodium laurel sulphate. This ingredient is reportedly found in many personal care products. Using rice water twice a day helps the skin that has been made dried or damaged by SLS.

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Rice water as skin toner

Rice water is also known to be an effective skin toner. It tightens the pores and also gives a natural glow according to medical reports so far. One must apply the rice water at night before going to bed and the change can be witnessed within a week.

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Rice water nourishes the skin

According to beauty experts and dermatologists, it effectively treats damaged skin better than other chemical whitening serums. It is natural and helps reduce wrinkles and other signs of skin ageing. The antioxidants present in rice water treats acne and brighten the skin, removing all sorts of impurities.

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How to make rice water?

In a deep pan, add a bowl of uncooked rice and wash it at least thrice. Add one and a half cup of water and boil it until the rice has been cooked. Once it is cooked, pour the leftover water in another container and cool it down. Fresh, homemade rice water is ready.

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*Disclaimer: The benefits and side effects of rice water are still under research and study by dermatologists. While there is no apparent harm in using it to treat the skin naturally, one should still consult their dermatologists and beauty experts. Allergies are also to be kept in mind before using rice water on the skin.

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