A Wedding Checklist To Avoid Going Overboard With These Things On Your Wedding


With everything that goes around, people often end up going overboard for their wedding. Here is a wedding checklist of items one should not go overboard with.

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From dresses to venue, makeup to menu, wedding day needs precise planning. While racking one’s brain to get every detail right, people often end up going overboard in their wedding prep. Here is a list of five things one should be careful about going overboard with while preparing their wedding checklist:


Flowers, although really pretty, should be the number one thing on one's wedding checklist to avoid going overboard with. They cost a fortune and even start wilting after just two-three hours. Instead, one can opt for the new trend of using artificial flowers which look just as beautiful and will not burn a hole in one’s pocket.

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While this is a very trendy thing to do at weddings, people have known to go overboard with such signs. While they are generally used to help people locate important areas like the place of the ceremony, washrooms and where the food is served, too many signs can confuse the guests and can be an overkill. Hence, it is advisable to use signs whenever necessary.

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DIY Projects

Pinterest has become every bride’s best friend lately and the DIY projects available on the site are making their way to every wedding venue. One can make their own centrepieces, guest cards, invitation cards and return gifts. However, with so many interesting and beautiful things around, one can easily lose their mind and end up going overboard with DIY projects. Hence, it is very important to look into one’s wedding checklist and avoid too many DIY items as this is one of the most common mistakes.

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One of the most important things on a wedding checklist is alcohol. While there are many wedding functions where everyone can get to sip on alcohol, having too much can actually end up ruining the mood of the occasion. People are known to have spoiled a wedding with drunken brawls. Every wedding is known to have at least one guest who is known to empty bottles of alcohol and they should be kept in control. In an urge to please the guests, one should not end up going overboard with this item.

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The Guestlist

It is very difficult to make cuts when it comes to the list of invitees at one’s wedding. However, this is a necessary evil. One would not like their wedding to become a mela ground with a sea of people. People also often end up inviting people they barely know just to avoid offending anybody. But one of the most important wedding planning tips should be that the guest list must be concise and include only those people who matter.

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