Vickie Guerrero, Former WWE SmackDown Manager, Makes An AEW Debut

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Former WWE SmackDown general manager Vickie Guerrero made her debut on the AEW as a guest commentator. According to sources, she announced pre-recorded matches.

Written By Akhil Nambiar | Mumbai | Updated On:
Vickie Guerrero

It looks like WWE’s loss is All Elite Wrestling’s gain. Former WWE SmackDown general manager Vickie Guerrero made her debut on AEW Dark as a guest commentator. According to network sources, she announced a pre-recorded match and is also scheduled to call matches during the live-broadcast.

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Vickie Guerrero is still adored by wrestling fans. Vickie Guerrero received a great reaction from the spectators in Garland, Texas. Fellow AEW commentator Justin Roberts tweeted this photo of himself with Vickie from backstage. AEW has been using several guest commentators on Dark, so Vickie Guerrero's appearance on it could be one such appearance. However, wrestling aficionados believe it would be great if Vickie became a permanent fixture on the show.

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Vickie Guerrero is known as one of the most fabulous heels in WWE history. Vickie Guerrero made her debut in WWE along with her late husband – the legendary Eddie Guerrero in 2005. However, Vickie became more prominently involved with the company only after his passing. Soon, she rose to become the most successful heel manager.

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Vickie on catchphrase – Excuse me

In an interview, she recalled how she discovered her catchphrase – Excuse me. During her early days as a heel, Vickie Guerrero was supposed to shoot a promo. The script had been changed so many times that she couldn’t keep track of them all. So when the time came to go according to the script, she froze. All she could say was, "Excuse me." The crowd in the arena were already booing her ‘heel’ persona, so Vickie kept hurling ‘excuse me’ at them. And so the phrase stuck and became her identity on WWE.

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Vickie Guerrero quit WWE in 2014 to pursue higher studies in healthcare. She also started her podcast. She also works with the Salvation Army to help the underprivileged. 

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