Cena To AJ Styles, Royal Rumble Entrants Who Shocked WWE Fans With Their Surprise Entries

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Throughout its history, the Royal Rumble match has provided fans with some unbelievable surprising entries. Here are some of them. Keep reading to know more.

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Royal Rumble

Royal Rumble is one of the biggest events in WWE. Fans love to see their favourite WWE superstars fight 29 others wrestlers at the same time. The Royal Rumble PPV is known for its humongous scale and surprising entries. Throughout its history, the Royal Rumble match has provided fans with some unbelievable surprising entries. Here are some of them.

Surprising entries from the Men’s Royal Rumble matches

John Cena: Royal Rumble 2008

In 2007, John Cena was involved in a huge feud with Triple H. However, the storyline was dissolved after John Cena got injured and suffered a pectoral tear. The tear was so severe that the doctors told John Cena that he will be out for months, but that didn’t happen. In Royal Rumble 2008, fans didn’t expect to see John Cena. They were busy cheering for Triple H and other WWE superstars. However, John Cena entered at the last spot (No. 30) and shocked the Madison Square Garden crowd. John Cena eliminated many superstars before throwing Triple H out of the ring and securing the victory.

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Triple H: Royal Rumble 2002

Triple H tore his quad in front of a shocked audience in 2001 and after eight months of recovery, The Game made an unexpected return. Triple H entered the Royal Rumble match and eliminated many superstars. He even fought WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin and won the match. Triple H went on to face Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 18 where he became the new Undisputed WWE Champion.

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Rey Mysterio: Royal Rumble 2018

Just when fans thought Rey Mysterio will not return to WWE again, the masked luchador entered the Royal Rumble 2018 match and shocked many. The master of 619 came back after a three-year gap and eliminated many superstars. Though he was eliminated by Finn Balor in the later parts of the match, his return still remains one of the most incredible moments a Royal Rumble match has ever produced.

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AJ Styles: Royal Rumble 2016

Until 2016, AJ Styles was one of the biggest and greatest wrestlers who didn’t wrestle in WWE. However, in Royal Rumble, everything changed. AJ Styles, who won many titles in many different pro-wrestling companies, entered the Royal Rumble 2016 match at the No. 3 position. He shocked the whole arena. Until he got eliminated by Kevin Owens, fans kept on cheering his name. He stayed in the match for almost 30 minutes and gathered a lot of views. Later that year, AJ Styles won his first WWE Championship.

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All the three faces of Mick Foley: Royal Rumble 1998

This was pure entertainment. One of the most iconic and disturbing things that came out of the ‘Attitude Era’ were the three faces of wrestler Mick Foley. At Royal Rumble 1998, fans saw all the personas in one single match. The first persona to enter the ring was Cactus Jack, but once he was eliminated, Mankind came in. Later, Dude Love too made his way to the ring. Though Mick Foley didn’t win the match, he successfully provided fans with entertainment.

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