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Best SMG In PUBG Mobile: The 6 Most Powerful SMGs Ranked

Best SMG in PUBG Mobile: Here is a list of 6 most powerful SMG in PUBG mobile according to their per bullet damage, fire rate and recoil. Read about PUBG Mobile

best smg in pubg mobile

Tencent Games’ PUBG Mobile has been one of the most played games all over the globe. The game features a number of exciting weapons including snipers, assault rifles, SMG, pistols and more. But a number of players have been asking about the most powerful weapons in their particular gun category. They have been asking which is the best SMG in PUBG Mobile. So let’s have a look at the best SMGs in PUBG Mobile. 

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Best SMG in PUbg Mobile

1. UMP 45

  • Source: PUBG Gamepedia

UMP is the short form for Universal Machine pistol. It had the second most power damage rate amongst all the SMGs. It is highly effective because of its high damage and stability. But using this SMG as a sniper could not be a viable option. Using this as a bullet spamming machine could be an efficient technique to utilise UMP 45. 

2. Kriss Vector

  • Source: PUBG Gamepedia

Vector has the highest damage rate amongst all of the SMGs. It is the closest gun to an assault rifle because of its damage rate. The gun is very stable but just like UPM 45, using this SMG as a sniper could not be a viable option. Because of its limited bullet range, most useful in mid-close range combat because of the faster bullet spray.

3. Micro Uzi

  • Source: PUBG Gamepedia

SMG is mainly used to spray a faster number of bullets at the opponent and the Micro Uzi is the best at it. But the only disadvantage of this SMG is its small range of damage. These things can be improved with an improved stock and an extended magazine. But still, it cannot be compared to other SMG like vector and UPM. 

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4. Tommy Gun

  • Source: PUBG Gamepedia

It is one of the classiest SMGs in the game. The drawback of this gun is that a scope can not be mounted on it. Just like UMP 45 it has the second-highest damage rate in the game but has a slower fire rate. It can be useful in an extremely close combat situation with multiple enemies because of its huge magazine. 

5. PP-19 Bizon

  • Source: PUBG Gamepedia

This SMG is only available in two of the maps including Erangle and the latest update, Vikendi. It was also recently added to the game and thus it might have not been utilised to its maximum potential. This gun is known for its effective range and the silent shooting noise. Thus this can be effective when you are planning to kill the enemies with your stealth mode switched on. 

6. MP5K

  • Source: PUBG Gamepedia

This SMG is only available in the newly released map, Vikendi. It is very similar to the Kriss Vector because of its low firing capacity and smaller magazine. Because of its similarity, It has also replaced Vector in Vikendi.  Even if this gun has taken Vector’s palace, it has a lower overall firing rate and DPS and a higher per bullet damage. 

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