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'Eris Loris's' Among Us Hack Boots Players Out Of The Game, Distresses Fans

New 'Eris Loris' hack has been identified in Among Us where a message sent to the players by a user named Eirs Loris boots the entire group out of the game.

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Among Us quickly became all the rage amid gaming fans who chose the game over Fall Guys, who's success was short-lived. While there are a number of cheats and hacks for any given game, Among Us has been notorious in being one of the most vulnerable games towards hacking and deploying cheats. One such ongoing hack by a user named 'Eris Loris' has come to light. Check it out below -

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Among Us hacked with 'Subscribe to Elis Loris' message

A Reddit user by the name u/HereticStream recently took to the platform and shared a complaint suggesting that a player by the name Eris Loris can manipulate the game to disconnect everyone from the group. The player sends a message which states 'Subscribe to Eris Loris on YouTube (or I hack your device) | | TRUMP 2020'. Check out excerpts from the player's complaint below - 

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If you come across a player named Eris Loris in Among Us then ban them immediately. I was just in a game with them and they forced everyone in the lobby to text this message and it then immediately disconnected everyone. This is their YouTube channel with evidence that they wrote the hack

Also I’m not 100% sure yet but I think that this spreads to everyone you play with. I recommend uninstalling the game and then reinstalling it. Hackers are what is ruining this game

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Hacking is evidently an ongoing issue for many multiplayer online games. Hackers and cheaters players especially in Among Us can either boot players out of the game altogether or even make the game unplayable till uninstall/reinstall. Ever since the game has garnered mainstream popularity, fans of Among Us have found more than just a few ways to spoil the game for others. One hack which is growing popularity amid the Among Us community is the 'Always Impostor' hack where players can often get chosen to be the impostor. But, the hack does not end there as even after being the impostor, they have the ability to become invisible, kill instantly, and use speed hacks. The growing Among Us hacks ease of the game can lead to it losing a gamer base, thus the developer has been vocal about deploying anti hacks in the game. 

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