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GTA 6 Map Leaked? Here's All We Know About The Upcoming Rockstar Release

GTA 6 map has been doing rounds on social media lately. The makers have not yet announced anything but this picture has certainly got the fans excited. See pic

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GTA 6 will be one of the most anticipated games that will be released by Rockstar Games. The players have already been waiting for the game for over 7 years now and still have some more time left to play this game. GTA 6 has not even been announced by the makers but they surely have something for the players. Read more to know about GTA 6.

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GTA 6 Map leaked

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A new GTA 6 leaked map has surfaced on the internet. This was uploaded by an internet user on his social media account. This map seems to be a bit interesting as it matched with the previous GTA 6 map images that were leaked initially. This has been picked up by the internet users and they have been trying to figure out what that is. Initially, the makers have not yet given the players a final answer on the future of GTA 6. There were even speculations that GTA 6 will feature the popular area Vice City from their PS2 release GTA Vice City. But the not the official announcement has been made yet. It seems like this map is the only thing that gives the players a sneak-peek into GTA 6. 

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More about GTA

The makers also announced that they are going to remove the biggest update for GTA 5 in the year 2020. There are a number of expectations from the makers to include some new missions and heists. They have not released any confirm date for the GTA 5 new update. But the latest weekly update might have a hint for the upcoming GTA 5 new update. Because this update has been stretched out, players have been speculating that the summer update is on its way and they will get to experience a set of new missions and adventures online. 

Till now, Rockstar games have not given out any information but there are certainly some speculations for GTA 5 new update.  The players can now expect a brand new location to play in along with some new heists.  The makers have already added a set of new vehicles in the game and have also been working on latest take on Heists in an entirely new location. There have been no announcements or hints about this but the fans could also expect to see some new vehicles added to the game.

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